#Andor scifi and fantasy book channel

The #Andor channel was closed on July 16, 2006. It had been pretty much dead for months, and we decided it was best to finally put it out of it's misery.


#Andor is located on the Xelium IRC Network. Connect to irc.xelium.net and join #Andor.


We are a group of Science Fiction and Fantasy fans who like to talk about, recommend, and share reviews about books that we have read. Anyone is welcome to join us in our book discussions.


The first #Andor channel (then called #WheelOfTime) was created in the late fall of 2002 by Huzz (then known as Huzzahman3000). It was an effort to bring together some fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time series. A place where people could discuss the books and what we thought would "come next" in the series. Although it's been a bit slow we would love to have more people joining, we're always interested in hearing other people's thoughts and theories about this wonderful series.

Eventually we changed into a channel that discussed all sorts of Fantasy and Science Fiction books.

LiveJournal Community: AndorBooks

Besides IRC, we also have an active LiveJournal Community. This is where we post book reviews. Click here to visit our LiveJournal Community.

You're welcome to join our Community there if you are simply interested in writing reviews, but you will need to create a LiveJournal account. Membership to LiveJournal is free and you don't need and codes. Click here to create a livejournal account


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