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Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

The week I returned from Cuba was a difficult one. I visited an urgent care clinic on Saturday morning to address the ongoing stomach problems I was having. They prescribed the pretty standard round of Ciprofloxacin for travel-related stomach woes, but were careful to mention that it can have nasty side-effects and I should go […]

Beer and trains in Germany

I spent most of this past week in Germany with the OpenStack Infrastructure and QA teams doing a sprint at the SAP offices in Walldorf, I wrote about it here. The last (and first!) time I was in Germany was for the same purpose, a sprint, that time in Darmstadt where I snuck in a […]

Local Potions

As I look through my blog posts this year, I’ve noticed a very travel and conference-focused trend. It seems I’ve been really good about staying on top of writing about these things, and less so with some of our local adventures. At this point it seems I have to reach all the way back to […]

Family, moose, beer and cryptids

Our trip to Maine over Memorial Day weekend was quite the packed one. I wrote already about the trains, but we also squeezed in a brewery tour, a trip to a museum, a wildlife park visit and more. We took an overnight (red eye) flight across the country to arrive in New Hampshire and drive […]

Sharks and Giants

Six years ago sports weren’t on my radar. I’d been to a couple minor league baseball games (Sea Dogs in Portland when I was young, and the Reading Phillies a few years earlier) but it wasn’t until 2010 that I went to a major sporting event. I’m not sure if it was the stunning AT&T […]

Six years in San Francisco

February 2016 marked six years of me living here in San Francisco. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed, but at the same time I feel so at home in my latest adopted city. I sometimes find myself struggling to remember what it was like to live in the suburbs, drive every day […]

Tourist in Darmstadt

This past week I was in Germany! I’ve gone through Frankfurt many times over the years, but this was the first time I actually left the airport via ground transportation. Trip began with a flight on a Lufthansa 380 Upon arrival I found the bus stop for the shuttle to Darmstadt and after a 20 […]

32nd Birthday in Squaw Valley

On Friday MJ and I left to head toward Tahoe to spend the weekend at The Resort at Squaw Creek to celebrate my 32nd birthday on Sunday. With my still recovering sprained ankle I wasn’t as mobile as I generally like to be for a mountain adventure, but the weather was cooperating for some nice […]

Tourist in the other Portland (Oregon)

After OSCON wrapped up on Friday I took the opportunity of a free afternoon to play the tourist in Portland. It occurred to me as I booked this trip that I managed to visit both Portlands this month, this one had less lobster though. And I will take this opportunity to say that I was […]

My last day in Dublin: Seals, Malahide Castle and drinks!

Finally, my last post about Dublin. I’m happy to report that as I write this post about my last day in Dublin, MJ’s last day has wrapped up and he’s coming home to me tomorrow! Saturday morning we slept in. We had a leisurely lunch on O’Connell Street and at 2PM hopped on a bus […]