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Ubuntu at SCaLE15x

On Thursday, March 2nd I spent most of the day running an Open Source Infrastructure Day, but across the way my Ubuntu friends were kicking off the first day of the second annual UbuCon Summit at SCaLE. The first day included a keynote from by Carl Richell of System76 where they made product announcements, including […]

Xubuntu 16.04 ISO testing tips

As we get closer to the 16.04 LTS release, it’s becoming increasingly important for people to be testing the daily ISOs to catch any problems. This past week, we had the landing of GNOME Software to replace the Ubuntu Software Center and this will definitely need folks looking at it and reporting bugs (current ones […]

Wrap up of the San Francisco Ubuntu Global Jam at Gandi

This past Sunday I hosted an Ubuntu Global Jam at the Gandi office here in downtown San Francisco. Given the temporal proximity to a lot of travel, I’ve had to juggle a lot to make this happen, a fair amount of work goes into an event like this, from logistics of getting venue, food and […]

San Francisco Ubuntu Global Jam at Gandi.net on Sunday February 8th

For years Gandi.net has been a strong supporter of Open Source communities and non-profits. From their early support of Debian to their current support of Ubuntu via discounts to Ubuntu Members they’ve been directly supportive of projects I’m passionate about. I was delighted when I heard they had opened an office in my own city […]

Cinematic Titanic, classes & events and upcoming travel

It’s been a busy month. Fortunately in that time my ankle has pretty much healed from the sprain I got last month and I plan on heading back to the gym full force soon. I realized that I never mentioned it here, but I was interviewed on a podcast earlier in the month about Xubuntu, […]

Xubuntu featured in Linux Identity magazine

Several months ago Xubuntu project lead Pasi Lallinaho (knome) was contacted by the editor of Linux Identity Magazine about doing a flavors section of their magazine for release in June. Together Pasi and I worked last cycle to recruit authors, meet deadlines, gather pictures and screenshots and do editorial review and final article length extensions. […]

My recent Xubuntu work

I’ve been event more involved with the Xubuntu project this cycle. For the first time the team had a full marketing blueprint, as well as one for the website. I’ve also been more involved with testing, from the Global Jam to just standard testing. I was able to happily cheer along with everyone else when […]

It’s alive! Egg-Bot + Xubuntu logo

I mentioned previously that the good folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories gave each of the recipients of the O’Reilly Open Source Award this year an Egg-Bot kit. In spite of my enthusiasm, it wasn’t until Friday night that I finally carved out some time to begin assembling mine: …and assembling… On Saturday morning I […]

Xubuntu Presentation at FeltonLUG

Yesterday afternoon MJ and I headed south to Felton LUG so I could give a presentation with the ambitious title of “Everything you ever wanted to know about Xubuntu” for the group. The group was incredibly welcoming and engaged during my presentation, asking interesting questions throughout. At the end I was able to give a […]

Want some Xubuntu or Ubuntu Women stickers?

I have fallen in love with custom printing. Over the past several months I’ve been experimenting with several companies that do it, including CafePress, Zazzle, MOO and VistaPrint. Based on the product I want, I’ve had varied success with all of them, but for laptop stickers MOO has come out my favorite. As such, I […]