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Xubuntu Stickers, Twitter and Site Update

Last month I took over as the Marketing and Website Lead for Xubuntu. Thanks to the rest of the team for supporting me! There have been several ideas floating around the Marketing wiki page so I decided to start here and make some laptop-worthy Xubuntu stickers. I went with Moo.com because I really liked the […]

Xubuntu Website Sprint on Saturday November 19th at 22:00 UTC

Several months ago I tossed up a devel site on one of my servers so Pasi Lallinaho and I could get to work on the newly planned Xubuntu website. He blogged about it with a teaser here back in August. It’s taken some time, but we now have a formal staging server on one of […]

Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot!

The release of Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot just went live! Ocelot at the Phoenix Zoo, September 2011 I had the honor of posting the release announcement for Xubuntu.org just moments ago. I became a formal member of the Xubuntu team this cycle (on July 26th) so this release is a special one for me :) […]

Berkeley Natty Global Jam

On Sunday I met up with 4 other members of the Linux community in the area as Ubuntu California Team teamed up with BerkeleyLUG for an Ubuntu Global Jam. I arrived just before noon, Jack Deslippe had already arrived and ordered a pepperoni and jalepeno pizza! I unpacked the goodies I had brought for the […]

Touchy UIs and Xfce4

It was interesting to see the Unity talks by Ted Gould at SCaLE9x last month, but I have to admit I’ve never really put much practical thought into UI design for touchscreen devices. I am not even a huge fan of the mouse, a touchscreen beyond that of my phone is that much worse! However, […]

Xubuntu Artwork

Some love Gnome, others love KDE, for me it’s XFCE all the way. When I jumped on the Ubuntu bandwagon several years ago it was only natural that I’d use Xubuntu. Isn’t it lovely? Now, I am completely useless when it comes to artwork[0], so I will once again stand on the shoulders of artistic […]

Xubuntu Edgy

I installed Xubuntu Edgy on my primary desktop today, replacing Debian Testing. I was quite stubborn about this change, always finding some excuse to stick with Debian, but ultimately I just got to the point where the pros of switching to Ubuntu outweighted the cons. Plus I wanted to check out Thunar! After years of […]