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Big screens and new TVs

The last time I was inside a movie theater was in the spring of 2021 when we rented out The Chabot Theater here in Castro Valley for our 8th wedding anniversary, and did a private screening of Star Wars: A New Hope. Prior to that, I have to look all the way back to May […]

DIY Automan Autocar

Last month I wrote about my “The Computer’s Voice” Movie Marathon that I did, and that led to an acquaintance pointing out the Automan TV show from 1983-84. The show is ridiculous. The premise is a computer scientist cop who creates a physical hologram who helps him fight crime. The technology doesn’t make sense, the […]

“The Computer’s Voice” Movie Marathon

Several months back I read A Grand Success! and wrote about the little private film festival that took me on as I read about Aardman’s work through the years. In these pandemic times, it was rather fun! I seem to have stumbled upon a similar situation with The Computer’s Voice: From Star Trek to Siri […]

Outdoor Caligula, trains, MST3K and eateries

Back when I lived in a house in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, I would often bring Caligula outside with me in the warmer months to work in the garden or just generally relax outside. He had a 50 foot lead that allowed him to explore, but not get close to the road or into the poison ivy-ridden […]