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Sunshine and Video Conferences

This is the post I had intended to write when the other one popped out. I was just going to write a quick aside about the cultural side and our frustration over the situation, and it turned into a whole thing! Let’s get back on track by talking about our day to day life during […]

A Gateway, a Synagogue and a Museum in Mumbai

Last Saturday I arrived in India for the first time. A conference was on my schedule, but since this was my first time visiting this country I decided to do some touristing around Mumbai. Unfortunately it’s monsoon season, so it’s been an incredibly soggy trip. I joked that coming from drought-ridden California, I was coming […]

Sharing the Beauty: Organ Class

This past Sunday MJ and I went over to Congregation Sherith Israel to learn about the organ that graces the sanctuary. The organ has always been a big deal for me. Even though I’m not religious, I do have warm feelings and memories surrounding the stunning, old cathedrals that have organs and I’ve made an […]

Sharing the Beauty: Stained Glass Class

On Sunday, March 2nd MJ and I headed over to Sherith Israel to attend a class by Ian Berke to learn about the stained glass throughout the historic building. I didn’t know anything about stained glass, so the first thing we got to learn was the two main types of glass that are featured throughout […]

Sharing the Beauty: Architecture Class

Back in December I attend a couple classes at Congregation Sherith Israel here in San Francisco aimed at teaching congregants and potential docents about the physical and historical aspects of the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Previous posts: Sharing the Beauty: History, art, and architecture of Sherith Israel class […]

Sharing the Beauty: Religious symbols and worship environment of Sherith Israel class

The second class on Sharing the Beauty at Sherith Israel (I wrote about the first here) took place this past Monday and several of us arrived early to do a tour of the dome, as seen from the outside here and which you can look up into from the main sanctuary as in this photo. […]

Sharing the Beauty: History, art, and architecture of Sherith Israel class

I love history and I love the spectacular design and architecture of cathedrals, mosques and synagogues. When I read that Sherith Israel was offering a Sharing the Beauty class I checked my calendar and then immediately sent an email to sign up. “Discover more of what makes our sanctuary — and Sherith Israel — so […]

Cinematic Titanic, classes & events and upcoming travel

It’s been a busy month. Fortunately in that time my ankle has pretty much healed from the sprain I got last month and I plan on heading back to the gym full force soon. I realized that I never mentioned it here, but I was interviewed on a podcast earlier in the month about Xubuntu, […]

More learning about Judaism

I am now the proud owner of a massive pile of books: Most were from lists both our local Rabbi and the one we met in Philadelphia who will officiate our wedding gave us. I also picked up the pocket Book of Psalms translated and published by the Jewish Publication Society to take along on […]

Joining a synagogue

About a decade ago I wrote an article My Spiritual Path To Atheism, I last updated it in 2004. The too long; didn’t read version: I was put off by hypocrisy, bigotry and cruelty of the Christian church I attended as a teenager, dabbled in other religions and followed history back to learn why certain […]