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Remembering Jim Fisher

On Thursday I woke up to the terrible news that my long time friend and mentor Jim Fisher had died suddenly. The day before a friend of mine had been contacted on Facebook to see if anyone knew about his whereabouts. I passed along the message to his local HAM community, but I didn’t think […]

20 Years of Blogging

On June 4, 2002 I started a blog with a post that simply said: Oy… I started this just for fun.. I prolly wont continue to use it, and there is no way for me to delete my account, hmm… %) In retrospect, this is pretty hilarious. I’ve now had a blog for over 20 […]

Remembering CJ Fearnley

On December 8, 2022, CJ Fearnley passed away after a short, serious illness. I’m heartbroken. When I moved to Philadelphia in 2001, one of the first communities I got involved with was the Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG). I had just started dabbling in Linux with the help of my boyfriend at the time, […]

A night away

As a parent, you’re frequently told to take time for self-care. There’s a reason for it: it is legitimately important, but it’s really, really hard to do. I value my sense of self and identity beyond my children, but I still put them before me. They are totally dependent upon us for everything, and I […]

Pandemic 2022

I wanted to publish this blog post on March 16, 2022. That was the second anniversary of the first shelter-in-place order here in the bay area, and when things really hit home for us. At the time, it felt like a temporary measure, with hair salons and shops posting signs in their windows saying they […]

I had a Maserati

I want to start out this post by sharing a secret: You can get a nice, new Maserati sedan for under $90k. $90k is a lot for a car. It is definitely the most, by far, I’ve ever spent on a car. But it’s on the low end of what people pay for high-end luxury, […]

On motherhood

Motherhood was not a foregone conclusion for me. People talk a lot about biological clocks and a “natural urge” for adults to become parents, but that never came for me. While I enjoyed spending time with kids (we share a lot of interests!), I’ve never been a “baby person” and I even worried that I’d […]

I was wrong about art

I did a lot of drawing when I was a kid, and into my teens. I wasn’t bad at it! Then I stopped and left it all behind, with a bitter taste in my mouth. The downfall of my childhood art journey began one Christmas when I was a teenager, my father bought my younger […]

House things, St. Patrick’s Day, and time

It’s hard to believe I have just one more week of maternity leave. I’m grateful for the 16 weeks paid leave for my employer, and I’m actually eager to get back to a working schedule, but there’s really never enough time. As my maternity leave winds down, I do recognize that I will be losing […]

A 5K, private Aardman film fest, amateur radio, and hamentashen

Last week I set out with Aaron, dressed a bit like a penguin, and did a 5K walk around town as part of a fundraiser for the San Francisco Zoo. While it was just a walk, and I do walks almost every day, it was fun to dress up and share something on social media […]