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Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit 1311

As is tradition, this virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit kicked off with an introduction by Jono Bacon and keynote from Mark Shuttleworth. It was at 6AM my time, I shut off my 5:45AM alarm and proceeded to sleep until the first session I had to be at 8:05AM. Hah! Fortunately it was available on youtube immediately […]

Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit 1305

Since I left for my wedding and honeymoon a bunch of things happened! Ubuntu 13.04 was released, 13.10 was given the code name “Saucy Salamander” and Debian 7.0 Wheezy came out. Plus lots of exciting OpenStack development discussion that came out following the Summit (I left right after it). When I got back into the […]

UDS-R in Copenhagen Day 4

Today was the last day of UDS. Ending a day sooner has been strange, but I’m spending my bonus day playing tourist tomorrow in Copenhagen. – Community Roundtable – We were able to have some web design folks from Canonical in the session so we could discuss the community page on Ubuntu.com. They were able […]

UDS-R in Copenhagen Day 3

– Community Roundtable – First up for the Community Roundtable today was a discussion about the /community page on ubuntu.com and possible redirect of /contribute to it see bug here. Tomorrow one of the website design folks from Canonical to talk with us about what we can do proposal-wise for improving it as we don’t […]

UDS-R in Copenhagen Day 2

– Community Roundtable – My day started off with the Community Roundtable where we first discussed the Code of Conduct draft and then scheduled time during Wednesday’s roundtable to invite discussion about it (here). The next topic was the Google Summer of Code, which a couple community members volunteered to lead up and work with […]

UDS-R in Copenhagen Day 1

My first day of UDS this time started off with remarkably little jet lag. I’m pretty sure I didn’t adjust to California time so I’m still on UTC (Ghana) time, that’s fine for here! There was lots of fruit on my plate at breakfast, and then it was off to registration and then the opening […]

UDS-Q in Oakland Day 5

Last day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Quantal! It’s always a bittersweet day, we’re all so terribly exhausted from the week but it’s also the last day for many of us to see people we only see once or twice a year. Like other days, my day started off with the Community Roundtable. – […]

UDS-Q in Oakland Day 4 and Ubuntu Women dinner

Phew, Thursday! I was moving a bit slower today due to not getting a whole lot of sleep last night, but it was quite the busy day for me. – Community Roundtable – We picked up discussion from the day before about announcements from Canonical, it was generally agreed that the community is less bothered […]

UDS-Q in Oakland Day 3 and SF Tourism!

Day 3! The plenaries from Tuesday are up now, see here. The flavors talks start at about 30 minutes into it with Kubuntu, then my Xubuntu bit and on from there. – Community Roundtable – We talked some about Ubuntu Membership with regard to expectations, members not being siloed in their communities, and better documenting […]

UDS-Q in Oakland Day 2

Day 2 of UDS! Mark’s keynote from yesterday is now up on youtube, you can view it here. – Community Roundtable – The session started off with some discussion around the use of Trello.com boards. Several teams have found them to be useful and we’ll likely continue use, we do want to be mindful that […]