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UDS-Q in Oakland Day 1

Being local to the Ubuntu Developer Summit this time I had the pleasure of meeting up with several friends prior to the summit. Enjoying dinner in Oakland on Saturday evening, picking up a first time UDS attendee at the airport Saturday night after BART stopped running. Then on Sunday a lovely brunch at EPIC Roadhouse […]

UDS-P Orlando: Day 5

The last day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit! This was a very good UDS for me, an excellent mix of work, socialization and rest, the last of which means that, while tired, I am not ready to go into a coma like I usually am afterwards! Plus we get an extra hour of sleep tonight, […]

UDS-P in Orlando: Day 4

Day 4! It was very obviously day 4 at UDS as everyone was moving a bit slower this morning :) – Community Roundtable – We started off the roundtable by identifying subjects for the Leadership Mini-Summit that day and then launched a big discussion about the BuildingCommunity pages. The preliminary concern was that they weren’t […]

UDS-P in Orlando: Day 3

It was a beautiful morning on this day three of UDS. – Community Roundtable – The Community Roundtable today began with discussing install parties and how we could help a representative from a LoCo team to run one in his area. We pointed him to the LoCo Running Installfests documentation and I gave him my […]

UDS-P in Orlando: Day 2

The second day of UDS! – Community Roundtable – We spent this roundtable reviewing the results of the Ubuntu Community Survey (see: here). The discussion primarily centered around exploring what type of “bickering” in the community that people were experiencing and if we could address it. From there we began discussing responses to the leadership […]

UDS-P in Orlando: Day 1

I actually arrived in Orlando several days ago with MJ so we could go to some Disney parks (which I’ll blog about later!) before he flew home and I went into Ubuntu Developer Summit mode. Sunday evening after visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom my uncle dropped me off at the UDS hotel and I quickly met […]

UDS-O Budapest: Day 5

Friday was the last day of UDS (sad!) and it once again started off with some tasty breakfast and by me attending the Community Roundtable. One of the things that was discussed at length is making attending UDS for the first time easier for people. I really liked the suggestion of hosting an Ubuntu Classroom […]

UDS-O in Budapest: Day 4

Thursday was the busiest day of the summit for me. It started with the Community Roundtable where we discussed some of the webapp development community members are doing for Ubuntu resources and how Canonical can make it easier for them (setting up staging sites, expanding access without compromising security). There was also some talk of […]

UDS-O in Budapest: Day 3

I woke up at 5:30AM on Wednesday morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep, once again not enough sleep! After breakfast it was off to the Community Roundtable where we talked about what the 200 million users goal means for the community, nurturing leaders and talked a bit about UDS Sponsorship criteria. – LoCo and […]

UDS-O in Budapest: Day 2

I woke up far too early again on Tuesday morning, jet lag fun! The first session I attended was the Community Roundtable again where Jono talked about some of the plans for the emerging QA infrastructure, and we discussed the need for quickstart getting involved pages and general wiki pruning for a lot of teams, […]