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SanDisk Clip Sport

I got my first MP3 player in 2006, a SanDisk Sansa e140. As that one aged, I picked up the SanDisk Sansa Fuze in 2009. Recently my poor Sansa Fuze has been having trouble updating the library (takes a long time) and would randomly freeze up. After getting worse over my past few trips, I […]

My pink WASD keyboard

I like the color pink. Over the years I’ve collected lots of pink electronics that have measured up to their non-pink counterparts, from pink ethernet cables (hey, that’s my photo on Gizmodo!) to my pink netbook that has traveled the world with me (frequently still seen at Ubuntu Hours, always came along to Ubuntu Developer […]


On Friday evening MJ proposed and I said yes! I was completely surprised up until the moment he asked. The whole proposal was quite an amazing undertaking, complete with a limo, a professional photographer, a winery rented out for the evening and private catering for our dinner in a wine cave. The evening ended with […]

Pink Android phone cozy

In my last post I mentioned that I had ordered a pink and magenta case from freshonmondays’ Etsy shop. It arrived today! It’s really nice, and she does custom colors and makes modifications based on your model of phone. My Nexus One is happy in its new home.

Computer Engineer Barbie has a penguin

I voted for it and I was pretty excited when I heard about Computer Engineer Barbie becoming a reality. I pre-ordered mine (product page here) as soon as I could and finally received it today! Unfortunately work tore me away from my new toy and I sat it next to my desk. Then, while doing […]

Pink laptop earrings

Behold, pink laptop earrings! But I can’t take credit for finding these goodies, when Melissa was visiting a couple weeks ago she picked up a pair at Claire’s at The Westfield Mall in San Francisco, when I saw them I knew I had to snag a pair for myself. I tend to describe Claire’s as […]

Pink M&Ms!

While in Las Vegas last weekend I checked out the original M&M’s World. 4 stories of M&Ms merchandise, insane! But most notable was the “My Color” Wall which has M&Ms in all kinds of crazy colors. Including pink! So of course I got some. Pink ones taste better than the other colors, of course.

Pink Wiimote!

Last year I blogged about pink wiimotes, but they were just regular wiimotes with pink covers on them. Now? Thanks to the sharp eye and generosity of Mackenzie Morgan I have an actual pink wiimote! Thanks for such a thoughtful gift Mackenzie! And also thanks to Mark Terranova for getting it to me, all the […]

Pink Tools!

I have seen lots of little pink tool sets over the years, but it wasn’t until today that I actually picked up one. The flashlight in the case is pretty cheesy (my pink Mini Maglite, pictured next to it, is WAY better!), but the rest of it will be quite useful as a case I […]

Pink, jeweled, cat5e? I’ll take 2!

MJ and I headed down to Fry’s last weekend. I didn’t actually need anything, it was more of a sight seeing tour – having lived on the east coast all these years I had to check out this great electronics store my west coast friends had talked so much about. While wandering through the aisles […]