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Pink laptop earrings

Behold, pink laptop earrings!

But I can’t take credit for finding these goodies, when Melissa was visiting a couple weeks ago she picked up a pair at Claire’s at The Westfield Mall in San Francisco, when I saw them I knew I had to snag a pair for myself. I tend to describe Claire’s as “that store where all the 12 year olds get their jewelry” but for those of us who like kitsch (and for earrings that match your Ubuntu release codename, yes, those are koala earrings) it’s a wealth of fun earrings and accessories, while I was there I also picked up some more penguin earrings.

And while I’m on the subject of pink laptops, Computer Engineer Barbie (complete with her pink laptop!) has gone on pre-sale and is currently scheduled to start shipping on November 24th. I bought mine!


  • Mi

    So cuuute!

  • tabgilbert

    Made me laugh. :)

  • Jack Landon

    You see, Mark is usually an ass, and a rude one at that. But sometimes, he sees things right. Like when he described their work in Linux as being “hard to explain to girls”. Now, it’s just as hard to explain to you why this post of yours syndicated on the Planet is pure idiocy. Mi’s “So cuuute!” says it all, already. I can picture Jono Bacon showing off his ubuntu pick on his next post on the always unrelated Severed Sikth, and Jorge Whatever commenting “So cuuute, man!”. Bah!

  • pleia2

    @Jack Please don’t use my blog as a platform to insult other members of the community, attacks on Mark and Jono are not welcome here.

    You also may be interested to know that the Ubuntu Planet, as described in the top right hand corner of the site itself is “a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors”. If you’re looking for strictly Ubuntu news you may want to read ubuntu-news.org or the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter instead.

  • Randall

    Can we get working versions of these and get them on the Ubuntu-certified hardware list? ;)

  • pleia2

    Haha, I think working versions might end up being a bit heavy… :)


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