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Custom stickers!

I love stickers. My sticker books made out of construction paper from childhood have been lost to time and moves, but I still have my giant Lisa Frank sticker holder. It took me a long time to put a sticker on a laptop, but it finally happened with my beloved pink mini9 when my abuse […]

New GPG Key

I stopped dragging my feet and finally created a shiny new 4096-bit RSA GPG key. (Too bad I did this after printing up all my new business cards with the old fingerprint. D’oh!) NEW KEY pub 4096R/BC2349FC 2011-05-17 Key fingerprint = F1A1 2FEF 82A5 666C F9A4 A748 2FC7 6319 BC23 49FC This means my old […]

Would you like a holiday card?

Every year I try to send out a big batch of wintertime holiday cards to friends and acquaintances online. Reading this? That means you! Even if you’re outside the United States! Drop me an email with your address if you’d like one: lyz@princessleia.com (Please put “Holiday Card” in the subject so I can filter it […]

Android Froyo!

I’ve really been looking forward to the new version of Android on Nexus One, 2.2, Froyo. This is mostly because the latest version gives me the ability to tether, and this makes me and my netbook very happy, but some of the other improvements are pretty sweet too. Last month while I was visiting Google […]

Sorry sweetheart, I haven’t got time for anything else.

Well, it happened again. In spite of saying I’d blog more regularly – I haven’t! I haven’t actually been a hermit every day, either. Going back all the way to the beginning of the month, when my friend MJ was in town we headed down to Philadelphia to see Star Trek at The Franklin Institute […]

Half-fixed Blinker

I took Blinker over to my mechanic this morning (Scott Smith over at Smith Automotive). It was awesome that he was able to squeeze the repair in this morning and it didn’t cost me a fortune ($35 in labor, $30 for the part, yay I can pay my rent! …I’m only mostly joking). The window? […]

Delayed flight, fixed car

I am supposed to be returning from the Philadelphia airport right now, with my sister. Instead I’m still at my apartment, refreshing the USAir Flight Status page to see when her 6:19PM flight is actually going to leave – right now they estimate it at 10PM, ouch. It was on time when she arrived at […]

I haz stuff out now

This week the power supply on my giant, server class, desktop died. It was a 680W supply, the board requires at least 650W, so it wasn’t going to be cheap to replace. Alas, after about 2 hours of testing I confirmed it was the power supply and had to hit MicroCenter Friday morning. Came home […]

Christmas Cards!

Last year was very, very busy so I never got around to it, but this year I’d like to send out Christmas cards again. Drop me an email with your address if you’d like one: lyz@princessleia.com (Please put “Christmas card” in the subject so I can filter it appropriately). Typical disclaimer: Nope, I’m not a […]

The Dinosaurs in Philadelphia

A while back I joked about trying to find dinosaurs in Philadelphia. At some point I was clued into the fact that there ARE dinosaurs in Philadelphia, they’re at the Academy of Natural Sciences! So I went a couple weeks ago. jadoba was in town for the weekend so I dragged him along too. ..and […]