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Sorry sweetheart, I haven’t got time for anything else.

Well, it happened again. In spite of saying I’d blog more regularly – I haven’t! I haven’t actually been a hermit every day, either.

Going back all the way to the beginning of the month, when my friend MJ was in town we headed down to Philadelphia to see Star Trek at The Franklin Institute Omnimax. So it wasn’t optimized for the hugemongous Omnimax screen so it ended up looking a bit warped, and I’m glad I’d seen it prior to seeing it there so I didn’t miss anything, but it was quite a fun experience. And while mentioning MJ, I was quite pleased with myself to have gotten him in touch with the Ubuntu Ireland team while he was in Dublin so he could snag a couple pints with them. What an awesome team to extend such a welcome to a visiting American… or do the Irish simply use any excuse to have a pint? :) I will have to make it out to Dublin one of these days to see for myself, I’m jealous of everyone involved in said pint night.

Blinker is fixed again! Getting the mechanism in the door for the window ended up costing me a bit over $200 (ouch) but it’s nice to not be holding up the window with masking tape anymore, a week and a half of that was more than enough for me. Inspection on the car is due next month, I’m really hoping it’ll pass without too much trouble and that nothing else goes wrong with it for a while.

I’m in love with my G1. I was glued to it for the trip down to the Southeast Linuxfest last weekend so we had hours and hours to bond. Since I’ve never had a smartphone before just about everything is novel. Linux kernel on my phone? Squee! Maps on my phone? Glee! Traffic too? Beautiful screen? Yeah! Awesome interface! And the best? An excellent ssh client so I can hop onto IRC from anywhere. Oh, and when I’m on call at work I can easily forward calls to it and tunnel into work servers to check email. Oh, and it’s a phone too! Not a bad one, for that matter. Tomorrow I think I’ll skip down to King of Prussia to get a screen protector, and see if any of the shops down there have pink G1 covers before I start looking online. The only complaint about the phone is the backlit keyboard. On the black version of the phone it’s not much of an issue, I bet, but the white one has a grey keyboard which is a bit unfortunate in medium light: without backlight I can see keys fine, with backlight I can barely see them! But I figure as phone complaints go, this is pretty mild.

I did a talk on Contributing to Open Source Projects at PLUG North this month which I think went quite well. A huge thanks to MJ and David A. Harding for offering fantastic review of my slides prior to the presentation, their input and content additions really put the polish I needed into the presentation. I finally got around to uploading my slides here (they are actually somewhat useful if you check out Note view in Impress). Which reminds me, I hadn’t written a presentation in a long time, the last time I did I used S5. I was geared up to use that again until I read Emma Jane’s OpenOffice.org: an outline for preparing your slides, with the guidance from that post I had a very pleasant Impress experience, and I suspect I’ll be using it in the future. The only snafu? My desktop is running Ubuntu 9.04 with OpenOffice.org 3, while my mini9 that I did the presentation on is still running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with OpenOffice.org 2.4, the version difference caused my pretty pink bullet points to disappear on 8.04, which I had to scramble to fix prior to heading out to the meeting.

I finally picked up a Wii Fit a couple weeks ago. It’s actually been quite fun so far. Plus I’m riding my bike some and being pretty good about eating better (the Southeast Linuxfest weekend being a gigantic exception, wahoo southern food!). I’m really looking forward to when the pool here at the apartment complex opens, it’s almost July, what are they waiting for? I’d love to be able to skip down to the pool for a little while each nice day for a swim. Love swimming.

What else… okay, so I did spend pretty much this entire week hermited in my apartment with my cats. Except for today, when I had lunch with Stephen. Oh how I adore the swiss and mushroom burgers at Stoudt’s, and wrapping up the afternoon with a brownie and coffee ice cream sundae at The Udder Choice in Ephrata was awesome. Plus it was very nice to get out and get my mind off a recent break up that’s had me down.

Now I’m going to try and get some sleep and hope this miserable, humid weather goes away soon.