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I finally came home with an IBM Selectric II

I have a small collection of vintage typewriters. Until very recently, they were all completely mechanical and I’d avoided getting anything electric. But since I work at IBM, I routinely get asked if I own an IBM Selectric. The Selectric used to be ubiquitous in offices in the US, and it is memorable because it […]

Critters, typewriters, and cable cars

Our summer adventures have continued with a lot of trips to the zoo. We got an Oakland Zoo membership a couple months ago, and I quickly learned that our boys love going to the zoo, and since it’s less than 20 minutes away, it makes for a nice late afternoon getaway if I leave work […]

SV Code Camp, Datathon at UC Berkeley and GitHub Universe

“Conference season” in the autumn for me is roughly the end of October through early November. I didn’t want to travel quite so much this year, and there were plenty of events local to me, so I ended up with an unexpectedly busy October and November, either traveling or doing local events several weeks in […]

Paid and volunteer tech, SF tourist and trains

As June wound down and July rushed in, both MJ and I happened to friends in town the same week leading into the 4th of July weekend. Pile in extra time at work for both of us and we’ve been busy. At work I have started to be the community team representative for the Bay […]

Six years in San Francisco

February 2016 marked six years of me living here in San Francisco. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed, but at the same time I feel so at home in my latest adopted city. I sometimes find myself struggling to remember what it was like to live in the suburbs, drive every day […]

Ubuntu California at Solano Stroll 2011

It has become a an annual tradition, BerkeleyLUG teams up with Ubuntu California and the local non-profit Partimus to staff a booth at the Solano Stroll in Berkeley, California. From the Stroll website: Since 1974, The merchants, restaurants, and professionals, as well as the twin cities of Albany and Berkeley CA, have hosted the Solano […]

Berkeley Natty Global Jam

On Sunday I met up with 4 other members of the Linux community in the area as Ubuntu California Team teamed up with BerkeleyLUG for an Ubuntu Global Jam. I arrived just before noon, Jack Deslippe had already arrived and ordered a pepperoni and jalepeno pizza! I unpacked the goodies I had brought for the […]

Ubuntu Global Jam in Berkeley on April 3rd

On Sunday, April 3rd, several of us from the Ubuntu California Team have teamed up with BerkeleyLUG and will be heading over to Bobby G’s Pizzeria in Berkeley for an Ubuntu Global Jam! Location: Bobby G’s Pizzeria, 2072 University Ave, Berkeley, CA Date: Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 Time: noon – 3PM RSVP: LoCo Directory or […]

Painting, Partimus and Open Computing Showcase

I’ve been on call this weekend, which was one of the busier ones I’ve had, but I still had time for other things. Saturday was spent finishing the major painting work of the storage units, I’m so glad that’s almost done, we just need to do some touch up later this week. From there it’s […]

Berkeley Jam Wrap-up

The Ubuntu Global Jam at BerkeleyLUG was a lot of fun! MJ and I arrived around noon and ordered some pizza (I think I found my good pizza in California, why does it have to be all the way over in Berkeley?). First on the agenda at the event was working on a tri-fold brochure, […]