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A birthday, an anniversary, and some house stuff

Adam recently concluded preschool for the school year, and toward the end he received an invitation to a pool and splash pad birthday party at a public outdoor venue. Birthday parties are a big childhood thing he’s missed out on thus far due to COVID-19, so given that it was a classmate who he was […]

Outdoor Caligula, trains, MST3K and eateries

Back when I lived in a house in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, I would often bring Caligula outside with me in the warmer months to work in the garden or just generally relax outside. He had a 50 foot lead that allowed him to explore, but not get close to the road or into the poison ivy-ridden […]

The Official Ubuntu Book, 9th Edition released!

Back in 2014 I had the opportunity to lend my expertise to the 8th edition of The Official Ubuntu Book and began my path into authorship. Since then, I’ve completed the first edition of Common OpenStack Deployments, coming out in September. I was thrilled this year when Matthew Helmke invited me back to work on […]

“The Year Without Pants” and OpenStack work

As I’ve talked about before, the team I work on at HP is a collection of folks scattered all over the world, working from home and hacking on OpenStack together. We’re joined by hundreds of other people from dozens of companies doing the same, or similar. This year our team at HP kicked off an […]

Recovery reading

During the most painful phase of the recovery from my gallbladder removal I was able to do a whole lot. Short walks around the condo to relieve stiffness and bloating post-surgery, but mostly I was resting to encourage healing. Sitting up hurt, so I spent a lot of time in bed. But what to do? […]

Books, de Young, upcoming travel and Valentine’s Day

Since I’ve had over a month between trips and MJ has been working a lot, I hunkered down these past few weeks and did my best to catch up with a lot of the little stuff that slips during times of intense travel schedules. It hasn’t all been easy though, I’ve been working with my […]

Your favorite fantasy books

A few years ago I asked for recommendations of favorite scifi/fantasy books, with the request leaning toward hard scifi. I’ve made it through a nice chunk of those recommendations, but as I read more these days I’m finding that I really enjoy balancing non-fiction books I’m reading with some of the lighter side of scifi […]

Cinematic Titanic, classes & events and upcoming travel

It’s been a busy month. Fortunately in that time my ankle has pretty much healed from the sprain I got last month and I plan on heading back to the gym full force soon. I realized that I never mentioned it here, but I was interviewed on a podcast earlier in the month about Xubuntu, […]

ZHackers in the Ubuntu Software Center

Last week I was approached by the author of the ZHackers series, David Jordan, to see if I wanted to review volumes 1 and 2 in preparation for the release of volume 2 in the Ubuntu Software Center. With his promise of “It’s got awesome geeks of both genders as well as downloading the linux […]

Miscellaneous life stuff from July and August

It’s been a crazy busy summer. Looking back through my blog, I see that for the past 2 months all my posts have somehow been event, open source or travel related. Crazy! I assure you, I have been doing normal life stuff as well, like… Doing laundry. Taking pictures of street cars as I wander […]