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Delayed flight, fixed car

I am supposed to be returning from the Philadelphia airport right now, with my sister. Instead I’m still at my apartment, refreshing the USAir Flight Status page to see when her 6:19PM flight is actually going to leave – right now they estimate it at 10PM, ouch. It was on time when she arrived at the airport, mechanical problems pushed it to 7:05PM… next I knew it had been pushed to 10PM. I feel bad for my sister, she’s had to sit in the dreadfully dull Portland airport all evening. For me this just means I have all this unexpected time this evening to work on things, and write in my blog!

Hopefully this super-late night won’t put too much of a dent in the weekend. Planning on just chilling out, possibly hitting the mall and meeting up with some people tomorrow. Sunday is Philly day (South Street, Penn’s Landing). Monday we were invited to a BBQ. Should be a fun weekend.

Oh, and Blinker is fixed! It’s amazing how satisfying this repair is. Since I bought this car a year ago (wow, it’s been a year, just renewed my registration tonight) it’s been making a noise related to the compressor, the complete failure of the A/C is only the latest manifestation of this ongoing problem. But now the noise is gone! Blinker runs beautifully and quietly! Well, as quiet as a 9 year old car with 150K miles on it will run :)

My sister’s flight finally departed at 10:04! Estimated arrival at 11:24PM, so I’ll be heading down pretty soon.

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