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Custom stickers!

I love stickers. My sticker books made out of construction paper from childhood have been lost to time and moves, but I still have my giant Lisa Frank sticker holder.

It took me a long time to put a sticker on a laptop, but it finally happened with my beloved pink mini9 when my abuse of the poor netbook caused very visible scratches to form.

So, why the sticker story? Custom stickers!

Of course I knew services providing custom stickers existed, but it never really thought much about making my own until I snagged a LivingSocial deal for Vistaprint last month. Upon reviewing their offerings I was impressed by their little round stickers (“Small Sticker – Circle” in their catalog), so I ordered 5 sheets of them with the Ubuntu Women circle logo and paid a $.99 per sheet extra for the “Glossy Sticker Stock” which I figured would hold up better on laptops.

I received my first shipment on June 28th!

I immediately shipped out a sheet of stickers to Valorie Zimmerman and one to Cheri Francis for upcoming conferences they are attending. The quality of the stickers is pretty good, but I don’t know how it’ll hold up on laptops, the gloss isn’t quite what I’ve seen on the more durable stickers. Time will tell! I’ve had one on my netbook since I received them and it has been doing alright so far.

Since I was happy with the order and they had offers for some free goodies, I went ahead and ordered 3 more sheets of stickers.

And also ordered 500 business cards, 100 post cards and 25 magnets, which were all “free” in my order – just paid the fee to upload a custom image ($5 – and the image could be reused across products, so business cards and post cards had the same image). The cards will be super useful but I have to admit that the simplicity of the written logo on the magnet has really captured my enthusiasm. In all it ended up being quite a good deal, so I highly recommend taking advantage of these deals from Vistaprint when they come up.

This whole blog post is not actually a Vistaprint love fest, they aren’t the only sticker game in town! I ordered business cards from MOO several months back and received an email from them advertising a discount on stickers. So, what other project am I involved with that could use some inexpensive publicity? Partimus! So for about $10 shipped I ordered a little book of 90 stickers.

The options for stickers are certainly limited with MOO (no small round ones, for instance) and the price is a bit steep when compared to a place like Vistaprint, but the quality is top notch. I have no worries about how well these stickers will hold up. I was able to meet up with fellow Partimus volunteer Grant this week and give him a pile of them to sticker up the town with.

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