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New GPG Key

I stopped dragging my feet and finally created a shiny new 4096-bit RSA GPG key. (Too bad I did this after printing up all my new business cards with the old fingerprint. D’oh!)


pub 4096R/BC2349FC 2011-05-17
Key fingerprint = F1A1 2FEF 82A5 666C F9A4 A748 2FC7 6319 BC23 49FC

This means my old 1024-bit DSA key is on the way out.


pub 1024D/BC9AC50C 2003-07-10
Key fingerprint = C058 1828 40C6 1A14 C641 70EC A353 ABF3 BC9A C50C

Signed my old key? Check out my transition statement signed with both the new and my previous key: key-transition_20110517_asc.txt

Still using a 1024-bit key yourself? Check out these useful resources for transitioning:



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