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Christmas Cards!

Last year was very, very busy so I never got around to it, but this year I’d like to send out Christmas cards again.

Drop me an email with your address if you’d like one: lyz@princessleia.com (Please put “Christmas card” in the subject so I can filter it appropriately).

Typical disclaimer: Nope, I’m not a Christian, and the cards will non-religious in theme even if they happen to use the word “Christmas” – not going to bother restricting myself to just the “Happy Holidays” ones.

I’m trying to think of what I’m going to do for Christmas. This will be my first Christmas alone, but I don’t want that to mean I’m not going to bother doing anything. Seriously considering even getting a small real tree, I love having a real Christmas tree in the house, and so does Caligula :)


  • RoboNuggie

    Cool, do you send cards to the UK? ;-) Just kidding….

    Don’t worry too much about the religious aspect of Christmas, after all it is a pagan celebration, no mention of Christmas in the Bible, and it was the Victorians that established the tradition of send cards…. so, Christmas can be whataver you want it to be, I think that’s the point.

    Oh, and your not alone, you have all the people who come to your site!…. cheers! (*lifts wine glass*)

  • pleia2

    I absolutely do send them to the UK, and Sweden, and Norway already on my list :)