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Settling in

I’m getting all settled in to the new place. Comcast came through and installed internet on Wednesday morning, and by Friday I had reverse DNS working and was all geared up to start work again Monday. I took Wednesday through Friday off from work last week for some much needed R&R and adjustment to the […]

One Bedroom Apartment

As I mentioned in my last post, I moved into an apartment this weekend. I took Nita’s recommendation of Highland Manor Apartments in North Coventry, where she lived several years ago. The price was right (I’m able to keep all living expenses – rent, internet, electric, basic food to less than half of my total […]

Above all, to thine own self be true

Yesterday I moved into my own apartment. I’m not going to say much about it, but things haven’t worked out between Michael and I. We’re still friendly and I’ll be commuting up to the house for work until I get internet at the new place. I’m completely heartbroken and recovery from this will take some […]

My bike is home!

I was excited to get the call earlier in the week to say my bike had arrived. I got the bike rack that goes with my car from the friend who sold me the car last night, and this morning headed up to Wheel Write Bike Shop to pick it up. They really hooked me […]

Birthday :)

Today I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my 25th birthday. I’ll be skipping out of work early to head down to Philly with friends :)

Blinker fixed

Given the impending storms I decided I needed to get Blinker handled today, otherwise I’d either be stuck at home with Blinker in the garage all weekend or risk rain water in the light causing electrical damage. It turns out she lost a fog light too – oops! But that was the only other damage. […]

Blinker 1; Deer 0

Last night I hit a deer on Sumneytown Pike, just outside of Harleysville. I was fine, just shaken up, the car is a little damaged, the deer got a broken leg and limped off into the woods after chilling out next to my car for a little while, he probably won’t last long (I am […]

2009 Giant Rincon W

I’ve been planning on buying a bike for my birthday for some time, so Constance took me down to her brother’s shop this evening to look at bikes. I tried out a few, but when they showed me the Rincon and I gave it a test ride, I fell in love. It’s a bit more […]

Public Domain Movies

On a recent trip to MicroCenter I found myself in the DVD section looking at a whole shelf full of old, public domain movies, for $.10 each. Ten Cents. That’s cheaper than you can buy the DVD cases for. Getting some old movies along with the cases? Cool. I loved MST3K (we all know that) […]


I love mini-golf, lousy at it, but love it. It had been years since I’ve gone, but this year my friend Stephen and I were able to hit a few courses through the spring. The first was Village Greens in Strasburg on a day that was a bit too cold to be playing mini-golf, a […]