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It’s alive! Egg-Bot + Xubuntu logo

I mentioned previously that the good folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories gave each of the recipients of the O’Reilly Open Source Award this year an Egg-Bot kit.

In spite of my enthusiasm, it wasn’t until Friday night that I finally carved out some time to begin assembling mine:

Constructing Egg-Bot 1

…and assembling…

Constructing Egg-Bot 3

On Saturday morning I fired up Inkscape, the loaded up the Egg-Bot Extensions and hooked it up to my netbook. I was off! …to practicing. My first couple ping pong balls are a bit messy.

I grabbed (begged) Pasi Lallinaho, the artist for the Xubuntu logo and Xubuntu project lead, away from what surely were actually important tasks for the task of creating a line-art version of the logo as an SVG so I could use it with the eggbot. I plotted it on the recommended 800×3200 SVG image, it’s available here: xubuntu-eggbot.svg.

I’ve spent time the past couple days working on getting it properly aligned and doing tests on ping pong balls to get a nice demo put together. My first logos were a bit wobbly, getting a circle right took some work.

Xubuntu Logo not quite round

But tonight I ended up with a pretty good one:

Pretty round Xubuntu logo!

Video of it being created:

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKcKes6OidI

Much fun! I think my next experiment will be created a filled in version. Then maybe larger ones and tracking down some artists so I can make some more interesting patterns :)