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Archive for the ‘animals’ Category

My Vivid Vervet has crazy hair

Keeping with my Ubuntu toy tradition, I placed an order for a vervet stuffed toy, available in the US via: Miguel the Vervet Monkey. He arrived today! He’ll be coming along to his first Ubuntu event on December 10th, a San Francisco Ubuntu Hour.

Symphony, giraffes and pinnipeds

Prior to my trips to Texas and Croatia, MJ and I were able to make it over to Sherith Israel to enjoy the wonderful acoustics in a show by the Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony in a concert to benefit the SF-Marin Food Bank. It was a wonderful concert, and a wonderful way to […]

Tourist in Zagreb, Croatia

In addition to attending and presenting at DORS/CLUC, I had the opportunity to see some sights while I was in Zagreb, Croatia this past week. View from my room at Panorama Zagreb My tourist days began in the late afternoon on Monday when my local friend Jasna could pull herself away from conference things. Huge […]

Finding a Tahr (or two!)

Tomorrow the next Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release comes out, 14.04, development code name Trusty Tahr. In preparation, I was putting together some materials for our release event next week and found myself looking for the Tahr artwork when I remembered that it was included in the installer. So now I’ll share it with […]

Much ado about otters and lamps

Last week I had a cold and was getting over jet lag, just like when I came back from Hong Kong! So this is my second cold of the season. Fortunately, this one seems to be clearing up more quickly than the last but I’m still not thrilled that I’ve been knocked over by colds […]

Tourist in Perth

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Perth. To the best of my knowledge it was that odd city on the wrong side of Australia and I had vaguely heard that it had nice beaches and that it would be very hot. Now I’m happy to say that Perth is one of my favorite cities. […]

Trusty attends first Ubuntu Hour

For each Ubuntu release I spend a little time finding a toy or other representation of the codename animal to use at booths, Ubuntu Hours and other events. See my previous posts about critters for K, L, M, N and O, Quetzals and Pangolins, Raring and Saucy Salamander. Trusty Tahr was tricky and took some […]

Breakfast with the Penguins at the San Francisco Zoo

This past weekend our friend Danita was in town visiting. To kick things off I dragged her and MJ out of bed at 7AM to head to the San Francisco Zoo! This year we missed the annual March of the Penguins where the new baby penguins of the year are introduced to the colony on […]

Video from TMMC Seal Release

I thought I was done writing about the seal release on Saturday but then the Marine Mammal Center posted a video on their blog on Tuesday showing the release that we attended! You can barely see MJ and I in the middle of the crowd around 35 seconds in, but really – look at the […]

Seal Release Celebration by TMMC

On Saturday MJ and I made the 2 hour drive north to Drake’s Beach near Point Reyes to join other Marine Mammal Center guests to watch the release of 5 harbor seals and 3 elephant seals back into the ocean! We arrived around noon and pick up box lunches to eat at picnic tables near […]