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Archive for the ‘reflection’ Category

The adventures of 2013

I had a great year in 2012, but 2013 was really exceptional. Biggest news, on Sunday April 28th MJ and I were married in a ceremony just outside of Philadelphia! We also hosted a California reception in August. Second biggest news, in January I started my job with HP where I now get to work […]

Day of Rest, 5 months later

Back in April I wrote the blog post “Day of Rest” about my intention to take a day off from “things that feel like work” once a week. Since I’m studying Judaism and have joined a synagogue with MJ the logical selection for the day was Saturday. The following are some take-aways I’ve had since […]

Day of Rest

In case it’s not obvious to those who read this, I work a lot. I have a day job which consumes at least 40 hours per week, more if I end up hacking on something really cool again and lose track of time, which happens a lot. Then I have volunteer work I do with […]

2012 adventures, onward to 2013!

2012 was quite the adventure! Among other things, I became an aunt for the first time with the birth of my nephew Xavier and was able to go to Maine just after his birth to meet him. I traveled to Portland, Oregon to attend OSCON and accept an O’Reilly Open Source Award for my work […]

Joining a synagogue

About a decade ago I wrote an article My Spiritual Path To Atheism, I last updated it in 2004. The too long; didn’t read version: I was put off by hypocrisy, bigotry and cruelty of the Christian church I attended as a teenager, dabbled in other religions and followed history back to learn why certain […]


I couldn’t read until I was 8 years old. Over the years, the number of people I admitted that to has been very low and it wasn’t until recently that I realized I was hiding it because it was an intense such a source of shame. My decision to start talking about it came in […]

Engagement, travel in 2011 and looking on to 2012

The biggest news of 2011 for me was MJ surprising me on July 1st with an absolutely amazing marriage proposal in Sonoma. I still grin ridiculously when I think about what a perfect night and weekend it was. Details and more photos are on our site here: http://www.mjandlyz.com/engagement.shtml But it wasn’t the only exciting thing […]

My Media Consumption in 2011

In the past year I’ve significantly changed how I handle the media I consume in my life. Reading Hello changes! I’ve made more changes with what and how I read than any other media. Online content I’ve started using my RSS reader to its full potential, beyond just individual blogs and news sites, I now […]

Touchy UIs and Xfce4

It was interesting to see the Unity talks by Ted Gould at SCaLE9x last month, but I have to admit I’ve never really put much practical thought into UI design for touchscreen devices. I am not even a huge fan of the mouse, a touchscreen beyond that of my phone is that much worse! However, […]

Linux devices

Linux Journal has a “New Products” section of their magazine which frequently features (among other things like books and software) new devices that are running the Linux kernel. It’d be interesting to know if their job has gotten easier over the past couple years regarding devices. In addition to my traditional PCs running Linux, the […]