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Archive for the ‘family’ Category

March in Maine visit

I spent the past week in Maine staying with my sister to visit with her, my nephew and my mother. In addition to obvious quality time with my sister and mother, I really wanted to have some bonding time with my little 20 month old nephew Xavier. And to not put them too much on […]

Life, hardware tinkering and my grandmother

Hard to believe it’s the middle of March already. My 9 weeks of Couch-to-5K has been stretched out a bit due to getting another cold a couple weeks ago and then working from the office in Sunnyvale for a week, which left very little time for exercise. I re-did a couple interval runs from earlier […]

Grandmother Krumbach

This morning I lost my grandmother, my father’s mother, who we all referred to affectionately as Nana. She was 90 years old. It was a loss that we had been expecting after some time of age-related unwellness, but nothing quite prepares you for the the actual loss. You were an inspiration. Love you and will […]

Books, de Young, upcoming travel and Valentine’s Day

Since I’ve had over a month between trips and MJ has been working a lot, I hunkered down these past few weeks and did my best to catch up with a lot of the little stuff that slips during times of intense travel schedules. It hasn’t all been easy though, I’ve been working with my […]

And it’s February on the home side

Work and projects have certainly kept me busy, but I’ve also had time for home, self and family things. Caligula wasn’t the only one who had some dental work done, both MJ and I had to go in at the end of January. I was reminded the hard way that Novocaine upsets my stomach, but […]

South Florida trip

Everything came together really nicely in the planning for this Florida trip. We stayed with MJ’s cousin at their beach house in Hollywood, so we were able to spend several meals with them during our stay. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know them better. Our flight came in slightly delayed […]

9 years ago today

December 7th is a tough day for me, it was on this day in 2004 that I lost my father. It was expected after a long illness, but nothing quite prepares you for this kind of thing. My father inspired my love of learning and pursuit of productive hobbies, especially geeky ones. In April of […]

California Wedding Reception

Since we had our wedding on the east coast we decided to also host an event on the west coast for friends here, many of whom couldn’t make it across the country for the wedding itself. It took some time to plan, but last Saturday we finally had our event! We ended up going with […]

Travel wraps up with a visit to Philly

I left home on October 10th and went on a whirlwind tour that brought me to Accra, Copenhagen and finally Philadelphia – 3 continents! The weekend I went from Copenhagen to Philadelphia was an extremely long one. I left Copenhagen on a 6AM flight on Saturday, connecting with a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt (my […]

The rest of our Maine trip

Our trip to Maine continued on Friday with a trip back to my hometown of Cape Elizabeth to give MJ the grand tour of where I grew up. We drove past the first house I grew up in in Cape Elizabeth, past the schools and the town center and then down to the Two Lights […]