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Archive for the ‘life’ Category

Life, hardware tinkering and my grandmother

Hard to believe it’s the middle of March already. My 9 weeks of Couch-to-5K has been stretched out a bit due to getting another cold a couple weeks ago and then working from the office in Sunnyvale for a week, which left very little time for exercise. I re-did a couple interval runs from earlier […]

Books, de Young, upcoming travel and Valentine’s Day

Since I’ve had over a month between trips and MJ has been working a lot, I hunkered down these past few weeks and did my best to catch up with a lot of the little stuff that slips during times of intense travel schedules. It hasn’t all been easy though, I’ve been working with my […]

And it’s February on the home side

Work and projects have certainly kept me busy, but I’ve also had time for home, self and family things. Caligula wasn’t the only one who had some dental work done, both MJ and I had to go in at the end of January. I was reminded the hard way that Novocaine upsets my stomach, but […]

Much ado about otters and lamps

Last week I had a cold and was getting over jet lag, just like when I came back from Hong Kong! So this is my second cold of the season. Fortunately, this one seems to be clearing up more quickly than the last but I’m still not thrilled that I’ve been knocked over by colds […]

Tourist in Perth

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Perth. To the best of my knowledge it was that odd city on the wrong side of Australia and I had vaguely heard that it had nice beaches and that it would be very hot. Now I’m happy to say that Perth is one of my favorite cities. […]

The adventures of 2013

I had a great year in 2012, but 2013 was really exceptional. Biggest news, on Sunday April 28th MJ and I were married in a ceremony just outside of Philadelphia! We also hosted a California reception in August. Second biggest news, in January I started my job with HP where I now get to work […]

Tidbits from December

December has flown by, and I’ve already written about much of it! But I do have a little catching up to do. On December 10th I met up with Benjamin Kerensa who gave me a tour of the Mozilla office here in San Francisco. I’ve walked by it plenty of times, but this was the […]

Life in November

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with event and news posts here on my blog, but it’s been over a month since I’ve posted a “miscellaneous stuff” post. It’s great because it makes my life sound exciting! But in reality I’m somewhat a hermit on days that I don’t go out […]

Cinematic Titanic, classes & events and upcoming travel

It’s been a busy month. Fortunately in that time my ankle has pretty much healed from the sprain I got last month and I plan on heading back to the gym full force soon. I realized that I never mentioned it here, but I was interviewed on a podcast earlier in the month about Xubuntu, […]

Sharks, Androids and Debian

On October 10th of 2012 I embarked on my journey to Ghana. Today I was at the San Francisco airport for another trip, to Illinois, so I can speak at the ACM Projections | Reflections conference on my career in Free and Open Source. While it may not be as exotic as Africa, I am […]