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Archive for the ‘food’ Category

SF activities and arrival in Portland, OR

Time at home in San Francisco came to an end this week with a flight to Portland, OR on Friday for some open source gatherings around OSCON. This ended my nearly 2 months without getting on a plane, the longest stretch I’ve gone in over 2 years. My initial intention with this time was to […]

Spring Trip to Philadelphia and New Jersey

I didn’t think I’d be getting on a plane at all in March, but plans shifted and we scheduled a trip to Philadelphia and New Jersey that left my beloved San Francisco on Sunday March 29th and returned us home on Monday, April 6th. Our mission: Deal with our east coast storage. Without getting into […]

33rd Birthday Weekend

I’m a big fan of trying new things and places, so it came as a surprise that when I decided upon a birthday getaway this past weekend we decided to go back to the Resort at Squaw Creek, where we had been last year. It wasn’t just travel exhaustion that made us choose this one, […]

Tourist in Darmstadt

This past week I was in Germany! I’ve gone through Frankfurt many times over the years, but this was the first time I actually left the airport via ground transportation. Trip began with a flight on a Lufthansa 380 Upon arrival I found the bus stop for the shuttle to Darmstadt and after a 20 […]

Much ado about otters and lamps

Last week I had a cold and was getting over jet lag, just like when I came back from Hong Kong! So this is my second cold of the season. Fortunately, this one seems to be clearing up more quickly than the last but I’m still not thrilled that I’ve been knocked over by colds […]

Skaggs Family Extreme Brownies

Every year I send out holiday cards by request. This year Ubuntu QA extraordinaire Nick Skaggs reciprocated in the most fantastic way – I received a Skaggs family card with a brownie recipe! Finding espresso powder took some doing, fortunately a specialty cooking store here in the city carries it. Tonight after class I was […]

Tourist in Hong Kong

This week I’m in Hong Kong! It’s my first time in Asia so I wanted to make sure I got some tourist time in. I arrived via a Singapore airline flight on Sunday and spent the day catching up on some things and attempting to stay awake so I could adjust to the time zone. […]

My past month of warriors, bread and a baby giraffe

Since returning from the honeymoon a month ago our lives have continued to be very busy, catching up with work and projects while we were gone and catching up with all other life stuff we postponed while we were preparing for the wedding. Because we have been so overwhelmed, I gave Instacart a try and […]

31 years old

Yesterday I turned 31, and lest I be accused of growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated my birthday. First, MJ surprised me with a trip down to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I had been in the building before for a holiday party, but they hadn’t completed the major Revolution exhibit that […]

Much of November

My energy the past few weeks has left something to be desired, so much of my energy has been spent at work on a major project. During the week following the Ubuntu Developer Summit I hosted an Ubuntu Hour in San Francisco where I had great chats with Michelle Mastin and Evan Broder and toward […]