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Archive for the ‘travel’ Category

Tourist in Montreal

A couple weeks ago I was in Montreal for PyCon 2014. It was an amazing conference, but I was also glad to have some time to explore the beautiful city that is Montreal. On Thursday (2nd day of tutorials) I didn’t have anything scheduled conference-wise, so I met up with my friend and long time […]

PyCon 2014 wrap-up

As I mentioned in my post about the PiDoorbell workshop, this past week I attended my first PyCon in beautiful (if chilly) Montreal, QC. I did some touristing, but I’ll write about that once I have all my photos up… But now, the conference! It was the first conference I’ve attended where I volunteered to […]

PiDoorbell workshop at PyCon 2014 was a success!

This week I had the opportunity to attend PyCon for the first time. Since beginning to use Python in my systems work so much last year, I’ve had increasing interest in participating in this conference in some capacity, so when the opportunity came around at work to staff the HP booth here in Montreal I […]

May 3rd keynote and talk at LOPSA East

I’ve had a very busy year so far talk-wise. Back in January I gave a handful of sysadmin focused talks at Linux.conf.au in Perth, Western Australia. In February I did similar at the Southern California Linux Expo. In May I’ll be drifting slightly away from a Linux-only crowd to present at LOPSA-East in New Brunswick, […]

March in Maine visit

I spent the past week in Maine staying with my sister to visit with her, my nephew and my mother. In addition to obvious quality time with my sister and mother, I really wanted to have some bonding time with my little 20 month old nephew Xavier. And to not put them too much on […]


In my previous post I talked about my Ubucon presentation at the Southern California Linux Expo this year and the Ubuntu booth that was busy throughout the weekend. There was much more to SCaLE12x than Ubuntu though! On Friday I also had the opportunity to participate in the Infrastructure.Next event on Friday with a presentation […]

5 ways to get involved today: Wrap up

On Friday, February 21st I gave my talk on 5 ways to get involved with Ubuntu today at the Southern California Linux Expo’s Ubucon. I had a great audience who I was able to have some wonderful and inspiring chats with following my talk. There’s clearly a lot of interest in further involvement by user-level […]

A couple articles, PyCon and a keynote in Croatia

It’s hard to believe that January is already over. It was quite the full month with my trip to Perth and then a lot of work and project stuff happening. Looking at my calendar for the year I seem to have a pretty full schedule, during which I’m also dying to squeeze in a visit […]

Tourist in Perth

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Perth. To the best of my knowledge it was that odd city on the wrong side of Australia and I had vaguely heard that it had nice beaches and that it would be very hot. Now I’m happy to say that Perth is one of my favorite cities. […]

Final day at LCA 2014 with more OpenStack

Aww, the last day of Linux.conf.au! My schedule called for camping out in the WEBB lecture hall all day to watch talks by several of my OpenStack and HP colleagues. Things kicked off with James E. Blair’s talk titled How OpenStack Improves Code Quality with Project Gating and Zuul. He did a quick review of […]