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OpenStack events, anniversary & organization, a museum and some computers & cats

I’ve been home for just over 3 weeks. I thought things would be quieter event-wise, but I have attended 2 OpenStack meetups since getting home, the first right after getting off the plane from South Carolina. My colleague and Keystone PTL Morgan Fainberg was giving a presentation on Keystone and I have the rare opportunity […]

Spring Trip to Philadelphia and New Jersey

I didn’t think I’d be getting on a plane at all in March, but plans shifted and we scheduled a trip to Philadelphia and New Jersey that left my beloved San Francisco on Sunday March 29th and returned us home on Monday, April 6th. Our mission: Deal with our east coast storage. Without getting into […]

Life, hardware tinkering and my grandmother

Hard to believe it’s the middle of March already. My 9 weeks of Couch-to-5K has been stretched out a bit due to getting another cold a couple weeks ago and then working from the office in Sunnyvale for a week, which left very little time for exercise. I re-did a couple interval runs from earlier […]

Taming Lubuntu on my PowerBook G4

About a year ago I adopted a MacBook Pro and a PowerBook G4. The MacBook Pro now happily runs OSX, when we turn it on (mostly MJ uses it for photo processing). In spite of being quite the nice machine for 2004, the poor PowerBook G4 had been long abandoned by Apple due to it’s […]

ACM Reflections | Projections Conference 2013 wrap-up

Last Thursday I flew out to Urbana-Champaign to speak at a conference put on by the ACM at the University of Illinois, Reflections | Projections. On Thursday evening and Friday I was able to spend time catching up with my Ubuntu colleagues Nathan Handler, who was staff at the conference, and Paul Tagliamonte who was […]

AdaCamp take-aways

This past weekend I attended AdaCamp, put on by The Ada Initiative. Attending this conference was an interesting move for me. I have a lot of respect for The Ada Initiative, but that’s mostly because they’re doing the offense and defense work that I no longer have the energy or interest to do. I’ve personally […]

Ghana presentation at BALUG, DVLUG interview, Mini 9 and off to SCaLE11x!

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of heading out to Chinatown for a Bay Area Linux Users Group to give a presentation on the work I did in Ghana with Computer Reach and Africa ICT Right. This was the first formal presentation I’ve done on the adventure, my previous two talks being a lightning talk […]

The reindeer of San Francisco and more

On our visit to the San Francisco Zoo on Thanksgiving we were able to visit some of their new visitors, the reindeer! More photos from that day at the zoo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157632168098698/ Last Sunday we decided to head out to see the final weekend of the baby ostriches at the California Academy of Science’s Earthquake […]

I’m going to Ghana to deploy Edubuntu!

On August 17th I received an email from Beth Lynn Eicher sharing that she would be going to Ghana to deploy Edubuntu desktops in schools under the umbrella of Computer Reach, a non-profit based out of Pittsburgh, PA. She asked if one of the other Partimus board members would be interested in going. Not yet […]

September 8th Ubuntu Global Jam at the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco

Last year, prior to the Natty release, I headed up to BerkeleyLUG to host an Ubuntu Global Jam event focused on testing, I wrote about it here: Berkeley Natty Global Jam. It was a lot of fun and at the time I was really just helping people go through some basic Xubuntu testing documents and […]