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Game night! AI IRC Bots. And fun with apache access logs.

o/` Stabbing Westward – High o/`

Today is very Mondayish. Not good, not bad. I sorta feel like I didn’t get enough sleep, but I don’t remember sleeping badly last night. It’s probably just the cloudy weather. I’m happy though, in a moderately sleepy sort of way %)

Last night our friend n-tropy and his girlfriend kelly came over. They brought board games. First we played Balderdash, which I had never played before and I admit I was not very excited to try it because I’m horrible at lying. Luckily we were all new to it, so by the end of the game Kelly and I were racing for the win ;) Played .com Monopoly for nearly 4 hours too, that was fun. I was the second to become bankrupt, it came down to Myk and Kelly by the time 10:00 rolled around and they decided to head out. It was a great night, nice to have some friends over, it’s been a while.

My birthday is in a week. I’ll be the big 22. Crazy. I was thinking today what I imagined myself to be at this age, and I realized that I never really had any idea. While I was a teenager I was very very depressed, so I just expected the future to be equally is dismal and I never really thought about it much except with dread. It’s amazing what a couple years can do %) I never thought I’d be this happy.

There has been some activity in a channel that my friend Peacimowen and I have been hanging out in for quite some time, #Andor. Originally it was just a Wheel Of Time channel, but we’re trying to expand it to encompass other books, and maybe sometime get a sort of “reading club” together so we can read books around the same tiem and then discuss them. Anyway, one of the newer members of the channel thought it would be fun to bring in an eggdrop “AI” bot that “Learns” to communicate by listening to what people say in the channel. We’ve all talked to it a bit, and sometimes it’s responses are really funny… here are some of the best lines today (aemon is the AI bot):

-@PrincessLeia2- aemon: moogles are cute white fuzzy final fantasy animals
– aemon- PrincessLeia2: You are the biggest dunderhead of all animals.

-@PrincessLeia2- aemon: don’t be mean
– aemon- PrincessLeia2: A chromosome is a person who manufacturers bread.

-@Peacimowen- aemon: Who is Peacimowen?
– aemon- Peacimowen: Peacimowen is the dragon reborn

– aemon- Peacimowen: R2d2 is a small marsupial peculiar to australasia.

– aemon- Peacimowen: A dog is a heavenly body which orbits a star.

– aemon- Peacimowen: A planet is a body fluid that carries food and obtaining energy and vital substances from within the body.

AI bots are funny.

After I cleaned the bathtub this morning I started filling it up for a bath (my back hurt a little from leaning over a game board for so many hours last night). While waiting for my bath to be ready I decided to once again go through some of the apache access logs and find out what people have googled for to find my pages (for “hit #” and link I simply used google.com defaults, with the exception of listing 100/page instead of 10):

First Google Hit For:
mirc random response scripts
idioms of the 1800s
hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy quotes
sailor moon wavs
hotkeys in redhat 9.0
living things and what they need
hotkeys xsession
r2d2 theme
“katherine blake” Miranda
keybinding settings enlightenment

Second Google Hit For:
thick curtains
enlightenment menu file
ewok sounds
February 17, 2003 snow storm

Third Google Hit For:
Jedi test
Luke Skywalker family tree
starting enlightenment
koala cookies
what’s the funniest thing on the internet
minesweeper linux

One amusing thing I did discover while going through these was the amazing number of hits that my page on Isabella d’Este (over 150/week) gets . Who would have thought? I simply put this page up with a few other short papers I wrote in high school. A few google searches proved that I have some info on that page that might not be found elsewhere, at least not so much of it together. Very interesting.

The main page of princessleia.com just hit 16,000 early today %)

*wanders off*