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Ubuntu T-Shirt.. finally!

I’ve actually had an Ubuntu t-shirt for a while, but it was a men’s size that was far too big on me. Imagine my delight when Canonical began offering a women’s shirt.

…except it said “Linux for Ladies” instead of “Linux for Human Beings”. This was sorted out after some discussion and Canonical started offering the shirts with the normal Human Beings phrase on them.

The shirts were $16.42 USD, which is quite reasonable – but the shipping for one shirt? About $14. Yikes! Maybe I’ll wait on this…

So at an event a couple months back it was suggested that the New Jersey and Pennsylvania teams go in together on a big group order to try to cut down on shipping. This was organized by David Harding of the NJ LoCo and handled through their wiki.

Once everyone had their orders in we split up the shipping costs and so my shirt ended up being $16.42 plus just $3.05 in shipping costs. Clearly the group order was the way to go on this. So we sent off the order.

The order got stuck in customs but was delivered to David in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately it arrived with an unexpected customs charge of $59.73, $23 of which could have been avoided by proper declaration of goods – ouch. David explains further in this mail to the -marketing list.

So where are we at? Right, my $16.42 t-shirt, plus $3.05 in regular shipping, plus $3.68 for my share of the customs charges. The total came to $23.15. I bumped it up to $25 when I wrote the check to David so he could drop the t-shirt in the mail since I had no clue when we’d see each other next.

Finally I have my Ubuntu T-Shirt! $25 is a bit steep for a t-shirt, so I won’t be ordering another, but it’s ok to do once, especially since it’s a very nice shirt! :)