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Ubuntu Women Project Status – Mid 2008

The last time I posted a status update on the project was August 2007.

As an advocacy project, we don’t make the swift changes that development projects make, but I’d like to comment on that previous post and move forward with what we’ve accomplished in these past 10 months. The primary concerns in the last post were: lack of direction (no RoadMap) and poor image in the community. The goal was to change both of these things, as well as transform our Courses program into something useful for the whole Ubuntu Community.

How are we doing with these goals?

Thanks to a considerable amount of work by emmajane we now have a RoadMap

We’ve transferred our Course program into a partnership with Ubuntu Classroom, which is working through formation and hosting regular classes, but is well on its way.

I’ve seen overall participation of women in the Ubuntu community and in leadership positions grow over the past year. Regardless of the reason (certainly much of the credit goes to these women directly, and less to this project), it’s giving the community a better impression of women within the project and gradually decreasing the surprise within the community when people see women participating.

Ubuntu Women is focusing more on helping women and getting involved with core projects (like Ubuntu Classroom) rather than striking out on our own initiatives which led some to believe our project was separatist. We’ve come back to our core values and narrowed our focus to the issue of women in Ubuntu (and F/OSS in general).

In keeping with a return to our core, we’ve worked to make the website and wiki documentation be more specific to our goals and easier to navigate. There are fewer “off-topic” links, with the assumption that folks looking for more Ubuntu core materials will be looking in a more appropriate place, and come to the Ubuntu Women site for women-specific resources.

We’ve committed to a monthly article in Full Circle Magazine

Finally, we recently had a meeting where many of these things were discussed and plans for moving forward outlined. In particular, we’d like to see our mentoring program become more of a success. We saw considerable interest for Ubuntu Women mentoring during the meeting and I’m hopeful someone will pick up where Vid and I have left off with the mostly idle portion of this project.

Meeting notes from our latest meeting are now available here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/20080612

…also, I really must get better at Team Reporting again. Missed the deadline this month, oops :)

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