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Pink Electronics :)

Yesterday I headed down to Microcenter to pick up a new camera that I bought through their “buy online, pick up in store” option. I’ve had a 3 megapixel PowerShot A70 for ages, but these past few months it’s been dying, and now most photos end up with green lines or other issues. I was able to snag a PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH in the color “Pink Melody” for pretty cheap – woohoo! It’s a great compact camera, plus, like all modern Canons it has a great interface, gorgeous screen and works flawlessly in Linux.

Oh and it’s pink, so I get to add it to my pink electronics collection!

Nintendo DS, camera, phone, mini9 and remote… for my pink dvd player.


  • nasrullah

    very nice gadgets…..my daughter favourite is pink like you..

  • Troy James Sobotka

    What is fascinating is that in the modern era, the codifying of colour is exactly opposite of the learned pattern established somewhere around the Victorian era.

    Somewhere around that time, the code was pink for boys and blue for girls.

    It has since flipped.

    There are some signs that indeed this could be swinging somewhere back to neutral. This might be spotted in the contemporary fashion trends where brown is often complimented with a pink or light blue.

    The net savvy chic sum of all this is that you can often spot males wearing those accessories with the pink varieties.

    Interesting stuffs, and a nice collection. ;)

  • Gez

    OMG Ponies!
    You can add this to your collection:

    :-p Just joking. The keyboard for blondes doesn’t work with Linux.

  • Miles

    Grab a pink PSTwo ! :)

  • jonathan

    Cool, nice collection :)

    I had a razr like that too. Pity they don’t have a razr2 in pink yet, it’s also very nice!

  • timelady

    You and two of my daughters…:))) You do know about the pink computer repair toolkits, dont you? I might have to organise one for you:)

    (My penguin collection is now reaching critical mass, which seems good to me;) )

  • Leigh Honeywell

    Hehe, you’re as bad as me. I should post a pic of my collection at some point too… I even have a pink rolly suitcase :D

  • pleia2

    @Miles I remember when the pink ps2 came out, I wanted one but they were limited edition and I’m not positive they were ever very available in the US :(

    @timelady pink computer repair toolkit? Squee! That would certainly be worth having :)

    @Leigh Yeah, I was pondering where to draw the pink stuff line, I didn’t include my pink headphones (I guess they are electronics though?), so many other pink things here too, like my shower curtain and pots and pans.

  • nixternal

    If I didn’t know it was you posting this, I would have just swore that my daughter made it to Planet Ubuntu!!! :)

    She has pretty much, the same exact setup as you, and all in the same exact color, PINK! Man I hated Christmas shopping, because everything I bought was PINK! :)

  • Fabian Rodriguez


  • Tony Yarusso

    Hey, I just bought the SD1100 too! Granted, I went with boring silver, and added that to my mostly black with some silver color collection. I have the G9 as well, and needed something that a) was easier to toss in a pocket and bring along, and b) wasn’t so expensive so I wouldn’t worry about it in party situations and the like.

    Seeing this I suppose I should have mentioned when we were talking about bike trainers that the Kinetic Road Machine came in pink this year, as a breast cancer awareness thing.

  • hayley

    i have all of those things in pink as well and i love the color pink XD