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Pink keyboard, beer and SFD

Tonight I was at Staples picking up some last-minute items for the Ubuntu Pennsylvania Software Freedom Day Event tomorrow morning. While I was there I was seduced by the OmniTech Flexible Keyboard, in pink. Teri Solow had pointed me in the direction of a similar one a couple months ago, but the price tag for something so fun and silly was prohibitive. This one at Staples was marked down to $10. Yeah!

OK, so it’s not a great keyboard, in fact I can’t quite think of when I’ll use it (it’s plugged into my pink mini9 here). But fun! Pink! Isn’t that enough?

I also snagged a few beers while I was out this evening. I was prompted by a craving for a pumpkin ale, and the place I went to only had the Hoppin’ Frog Frog’s Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale, which while nothing to write home about pumpkin-ale-wise, it sure has hit the spot. The other two were impulses, but I had to snag them when I saw them. The first is one Jan Claeys recommended I try, the Hanssens Oudbeitje – it’s a strawberry lambic, made in the old style of lambics so apparently it’s quite sour – no fruity sweet beer here, I’m looking forward to trying it soon. The last is a Cantillion (love!) I’ve never tried before, the Saint Lamvinus, made with Merlot grapes I’m also quite looking forward to cracking this one open.

Finally, in preparation for the event tomorrow I threw together a few things tonight – a poster, picture frame with Matt Rosewarne’s photos and a donation glass. The event is being dedicated to Matt and all proceeds from the donations are going to be donated to the EFF at the request of his family. I still need to print off some info about Ubuntu Pennsylvania to hand out to folks, but right now we’re looking pretty good!


  • RoboNuggie

    I love Merlot wine, in fact I think it was the first I ever tried…

    Enjoy yourself at the event, take piccies for us non-PA users ;-)

    That keyboard, does it feel squashy? If you have ever used the 8-bit Sinclair Spectrum 48k from about 1983, then you would understannd the term ‘dead flesh’ keyboard…. ugh

  • pleia2

    The keyboard is very squishy, to the point of being difficult to type on. People at the software freedom day event yesterday were offering usage suggestions – “It’s a poolside keyboard!”