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Kitty pictures

The internet is for sharing cat pictures, so here’s a whole bunch of Caligula and Simcoe from the past year or so:

Yay kitties!


  • RoboNuggie

    Aww… how sweet…..

    Which has the most mischievous personality? Is it SimCoe?

  • Mark Terranova

    You speak the truth. Everything else is a close second. Nice kitties BTW.

    I don’t even have any cats of my own & I’ve still posted cat pics. We are in good company. Jono talks about cats & herding them. Even Shuttleworth chose to name the next Ubuntu release after a small cat.

    We should expect to see even more cats in the future.

  • RoboNuggie

    Mark…. when I read that last line

    “We should expect to see even more cats in the future.”

    I could not help to think of something akin to “The Planet of the Apes” but with cats….

    …. I need my cup of tea, I’m hallucinating….

  • pleia2

    Simcoe is the more mischievous, by far.

    And we will have a cat Ubuntu! Lucid Lynx is scheduled as 10.04 – and it’s even an LTS (Long Term Service) :)