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Moving to San Francisco

The title says it all! Well, not all. I’m moving in February to live in San Francisco (first time living IN a city for me!) with my boyfriend MJ.

A lot went into this decision to move and it hasn’t been an easy choice. For the past 8 years I’ve called the Philadelphia area my home, put a lot of work into local Open Source initiatives here, made friends, started to build my professional career and networks. But when it came down to it, I have been wanting a change. I fell in love with San Francisco when I first visited MJ out there a year and a half ago, and each time I fly out there it pains me that I have to leave again. I now feel the time, place and circumstances are all right for this move.

I still have some tasks to hand off, so if you’re interested in doing work with PLUG, PhillyChix or Ubuntu Pennsylvania please let me know. I’ll be keeping my job at LinuxForce for the foreseeable future in an arrangement I’m grateful my boss has accepted.

I’m sure going to miss hoagies.


  • MJ

    Yay! :)


  • rakaur

    I really hope I get to see you before you move across the country. It’d be a shame knowing you for over ten years, moving out here less than two hours away and not seeing you before you run off.

    So if you come toward Baltimore you better visit me, or we better make a date to meet somewhere in-between.

    I wish you guys the best. I haven’t met this one, and I’ll try real hard not to since they all seem to develop a deep-seated hatred for me.

    Love you, Beth.

    ~ Eric

  • Baerana

    I’m so happy for both of you :)

    but i’ll really miss having you out here. But I’ll be sure to visit you when I visit my other friends in the bay area.

    I hope you can come to my traditional non-christmas gathering on Dec 25th?

  • Nigel Babu

    Wish you both have a great time Lyz :)

  • RoboNuggie

    About time!

    All that going backwards and forwards….


    What a romantic place to be in…..hoopla!

  • Darxus

    I almost moved out there. But I got better :)

    Terrible gun laws.

  • Rubicant

    So, off the east coast and into the west coast… :) Good luck there, personally, I’m headded off to England for a few weeks.

  • Rubicant

    Second quick comment: While you’re out there, check out the Twit cottage in Petaluma. If you go in on a Wednesday or a Thursday, you might catch the recording of FLOSS weekly. or run into a windows podcast…I dont remember which.

  • pleia2

    @rakaur I’ll see what I can do about getting down to Baltimore in the next couple months :)

    @Baerana I’ll be in touch regarding Christmas, but I’m on call that day and have tentative plans with a local family that day.

    @Rubicant Long time no see! :) Thanks.

  • Kelly

    Good luck Lyz. We wish you the best!