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New Leader for the Ubuntu Women Project

This morning I had the pleasure of announcing the appointment of the new leader of the Ubuntu Women project as selected by the Community Council.

Congratulations to Amber Graner for being selected for this role!

The leadership nominations process for this first formal project leader was outlined here. We were fortunate to have three fantastic candidates for this role, all of whom had an overwhelming amount of support from the community. I’m very excited by the thoughtful visions and goals for the project all three of them outlined on their wiki pages (available here: Amber Graner, Melissa Draper and Penelope Stowe) and it is my hope that they can all be incorporated into our vision for the future. A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process.

Most of all, I’m energized and excited for this new era of the project. Congratulations to the Ubuntu Women Project for taking this next step! It’s an exciting time for the project with such an active surge of contributors and a strong drive for more support and positive visibility within the greater Ubuntu Community.

Amber will be holding this position for the next 6 months to help guide us through our Lucid Cycle RoadMap and we will work to establish a formal voting team for the project. After 6 months the leadership position will be re-evaluated and with the voting team in place the team we will work toward a formal election as we determine the best leadership structure for the team moving forward.

Finally, appointment of a team leader is an unusual request for a team to make to the Community Council, but as a team we found ourselves in the unique position of being a four+ year old team that never had a formal leader and having largely been organically grown with no formal “membership ranks” or process for voting for a leader. A huge thanks to my fellow Community Council members for their consideration and support during this process.