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Ubuntu User Day Success!

Ubuntu User Day

We just wrapped up our first Ubuntu User Day! Now, whose idea was it to have our first Ubuntu User Day last 15 hours? What a day! A 1 hour introduction, plus 13 instructors teaching 14 classes in #ubuntu-classroom!

Thanks to our awesome crew for making this long day fun one, and for doing such a fantastic job of tag-teaming it so that we all could take breaks throughout the day.

Thanks to all our instructors for putting so much time into each of their presentations. And a special thanks to duanedesign who filled in when one of our presenters fell ill, and starcraftman who ended up doing a second session to fill in for a presenter who couldn’t get online.

And thanks to everyone who attended these sessions, we have nothing without an audience! Thanks for your fantastic questions! And thanks for the feedback we received on our survey.

In case you missed it, logs and outlines (for sessions that had them) for the whole day have been posted on the wiki here:


Ubuntu User Day en Espanol

Prefer Spanish? Diego Turcios reports the smashing success of the Spanish User Day today as well! Logs for those sessions are on their wiki:


Now it’s time for me to get some rest :)