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Dublin Maverick Meerkat Release Party

On Saturday I took an 11:05 AM flight out of San Francisco, met up with MJ at the Philadelphia airport, and from there took a flight to Dublin, arriving on Sunday at 8:30 AM. Thankfully we were able to check in to the O’Callaghan Davenport Hotel early. We had a nice Irish breakfast at the hotel and then headed up to the hotel room to grab a couple hours of sleep.

After sleep it was off to the Dublin Ubuntu 10.10 release party! We ended up missing the first stop for the party (a Chinese buffet) but arrived at The Market Bar just as they were wrapping up an Ubuntu quiz and finishing up(!) an Ubuntu cake (for pictures, check out Laura’s blog entry about the release party: Compare the Meerkat at the Market bar in Dublin a great Success). First on my list (after some quick introductions) was my first Guinness in Ireland!

My first Guinness in Ireland!

The evening was full of fun conversations about Ubuntu, open source, hardware hacking and general discussions about Ireland (“You’re visiting from the US? Oh you must see…!”). The whole event was extraordinary welcoming and casual, thanks Ireland team!

Maverick Meerkat at Market Bar

And of course, there were meerkats aplenty :)


  • Aoirthoir An Broc

    Ok first of all, no one is allowed to have a Guinness if I haven’t had mine yet. I demand you take the Guinness out of the Picture now. Package it up, send it to me. Everyone knows how to reach me so this egregious oversight should not be tolerated.

    And I mean it. Or not. I think. :D

  • RoboNuggie

    That Guinness really does look good……

  • czajkowski

    It was great fun to hang out with you as well! Lots of good chatting and walking around was rather nice and made a change from meeting up at UDS :)