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Stuffed animal K, L, M, N, O…

Last week Mark Shuttleworth announced the next release name, Oneiric Ocelot. My first thought? How do you pronounce “oneiric”? My second thought? Thank goodness it’s an ocelot, I can find a stuffed animal ocelot! It’s on order now.

I’ve been supplementing Ubuntu booth displays with the release animals since Karmic when I discovered that I already had a koala in my ridiculous stuffed animal collection. With Lucid an official toy came out (Ubuntu Lynx still available in the Canonical store). With Maverick we were fortunate that everyone loves meerkats, so it was just a hop down to my local toy store to pick up one of them.

Karmic Koala at the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 2009

Lucid Lynx at Picn*x19 in Sunnyvale, California, August 2010

Maverick Meerkat at SCaLE9x in Los Angeles, California, February 2011

Narwhal? Surprisingly difficult. There was a great one that went out of production in December of 2009 and several hand-made ones on Etsy, but it wasn’t until MJ showed me Squishable.com for Android stuffed toys that I found my Narwhal (which, along with a mini Android, ended up being a thoughtful gift from MJ!).

Natty Narwhal

OK, I’m ready for the Natty booths now!


  • jimcooncat

    I find it disheartening that Mark chose an adjective that’s not simple to spell, as sometimes you have to type it. “Oneiric” doesn’t follow the old “i after e except after c” convention.

    But it’s not that big a deal — he’s just forcing me to learn a new word.

  • jimcooncat

    Sorry, on medication this week. Convention does hold.

  • pleia2

    I suspect people will still get it wrong a lot, feisty was a victim of this too.