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Lurking in airports

This has been my busiest travel month ever, and I think it’ll be hard to top. I’m currently sitting at San Francisco International Airport waiting for my 3 hour flight to Edmonton to see my sister and finally meet her husband (it’s only been 5 years…). I’ll be renting a car upon arrival at 11PM and I’m currently suffering from “oh no, I won’t have data on my phone!!!11” panic. I printed out directions to the hotel. The hotel has wifi.

Dinner at SFO, flight boards in 90 minutes

Sushi at SFO

Ever since I was a kid and heard my father tell us about all the places he went when he was younger, I’ve wanted to travel. He had the fortune of having a pilot for a father so his opportunities were always plentiful, I’m happy we’re at a place where we can make our own. Now I love being places and I quite like traveling itself, don’t mind airports and find that I’m significantly less apprehensive about the whole process than I once was. Plus, it helps to have MJ helping me select and book flights, since his eye for timing, good connections and cost have saved me some disasters (I almost booked an itinerary that included a 40 minute layover – no way I would have made that!).

These past few days it seems like I haven’t gotten a whole lot done, but a quick browse of my Sent folder proves me wrong as I’m getting all my ducks in a row for my travel free June, when both MJ and I have on-call weeks and we’ll be spending a lot of time at home. Yesterday IPv6 hit the datacenter where my Linode resides and I was able to get that configured. Woo IPv6! I also fell in love with Netflix on my Nexus One (Android) this week as I soaked up some documentaries and Quantum Leap episodes from the comfort of my own… anywhere.

Aaaand now time to pack up for the flight. Flying United in a Canadian Regional Jet 700 this evening. I do love regional jets.

Getting ready to board CRJ-700

See you on the Canadian side.

One Comment

  • Peacimowen

    Hey! You didn’t mention also meeting me! The guy you’ve been chatting with for 13 years or so. :P But family IS more important, so I forgive you.


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