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Community Council Begins Ubuntu Mailing Lists Review

At the last Ubuntu Developer Summit it was brought to the attention of the Ubuntu Community Council that lists.ubuntu.com had become quite crowded. There was concern that it was overwhelming for new contributors looking for a mailing lists to join and they may find it confusing or discouraging if they join lists which are inactive.

As a result, the Community Council has been working with Canonical IS to get activity details on mailing lists so we can do a more thorough review.

The following lists were identified as candidates for deletion, reasons in the parentheses:

The following emails (with $list and $reason filled out) have been sent to the list owners of these lists:

You are being contacted as the list owner for $list.

At the last Ubuntu Developer Summit it was brought to the attention of the Community Council that there were many mailing lists with little or no traffic whose presence on lists.ubuntu.com only served to discourage and confuse new contributors. Your mailing list was identified as one which we’d like to move forward with deletion because $reason.

Please reply to this email if you have any objections (quiet time in project? plans for it in the future?), otherwise we will be closing this list in approximately two weeks.

Thank you for your time.

Elizabeth Krumbach,
On behalf of the Community Council

If you are a member of any of these teams and wish to speak on behalf of the mailing list to prevent deletion, please contact the Community Council at community-council@lists.ubuntu.com within the next two weeks.

Please take note that this review is by no means a judgement on the teams who use these mailing lists or a withdrawl of support. If a team with a low-activity mailing list wishes to keep their list they can. We are simply seeking to make it easier for new contributors to get involved with active mailing lists they for projects they are interested in. Also note that LoCo Team and Translations mailing lists are exempt from this review as we understand that traffic on these fluctuates greatly over time.