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San Francisco Ubuntu Hour and Debian Dinner Wrap-up

On Wednesday night I hosted an Ubuntu Hour and Debian Dinner in downtown San Francisco.

We have our Ubuntu Hours here in San Francisco once a month, and it was November of 2010 that I decided to start tacking on a Bay Area Debian Dinner every other month at a restaurant across the street. Over the past couple of years it’s been interesting to see the crossover between the two meetups and how the success of the Debian Dinners has actually bolstered attendance at the Ubuntu Hours. There tends to be a lot of overlap between the two distributions, and it’s common for conversations to spill over between the two events.

This month we were happy to have good turnouts for both, 7 people coming to the Ubuntu Hour.

And 10 to the Debian dinner!

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to see some new faces, made for a fun evening!


  • goossbears

    What was actually discussed Debian-wise at the BAD neeting?

    • pleia2

      It was great talking to you this evening at Noisebridge!

      The proposed change to Xfce on the first install disk was an interesting topic that evening :) Also a fair amount of development talk related to 32/64 bit architecture support and graceful upgrading of libraries for programs which are currently running on a desktop.