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San Francisco Tourist: September edition

A huge amount of my time lately has been spent preparing for upcoming travel and getting things in order on the work side. However, I’ve managed to sneak out for quick jaunts around the city, usually while doing other things.

On the 18th we had some time to kill and decided to swing by the Golden Gate bridge on our way to an event at the Palace of Fine Arts

In spite of living here for over 2 years now, I’d only ever seen the Palace of Fine Arts when driving past it on the expressway (so no, I haven’t been to the Exploratorium either!). It’s a huge domed structures that they use for events, plus gardens, a big pond and in general is a beautiful place to be.

From there it was off to a lovely dinner at Sutro’s at the Cliff House, another place we hadn’t managed to visit yet in spite of passing it often. They seated us next to the window, so we were able to watch the sun set.

I’ve put a bunch more pictures from the day here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157631568263514/

Today I went tourist again and headed to the California Historical Society, which is just a block from where I live. They are wrapping up (on the 14th) their A Wild Flight of the Imagination: The Story of the Golden Gate Bridge exhibit that I’ve wanted to see but never took the time to. The venue is small so the exhibit just took up a few rooms, showing many images of the Golden Gate area prior to the bridge, documents related to raising money and drafting initial bridge designs, and then photos and stories of while it was being built. The exhibit wrapped up with some celebration photos from when it was opened. All in all, quite worth the $5 “suggested donation”! I’m looking forward to visiting more exhibits there in the future, might even join to get a subscription to their magazine.

I had blocked off an hour to visit that exhibit and only used a small portion of it, so I then decided to go over to the Cindy Sherman Exhibit at SFMOMA. I also closes soon (October 8th) so I wanted to have a look and with a membership there this year I’m able to get in for free. I’ll be the first to admit that modern art isn’t really my thing, so having a membership has been quite the experiment, but one I thought I should do because we live so close to this museum. I guess I can sum up the Cindy Sherman exhibit in the word “weird” but it was interesting to see it.

My “to visit” museum list for San Francisco is not anywhere near reaching completion, but my travel dates are fast approaching. I’ll have to pick up local touristing when I get home from all that far away touristing! Which reminds me, I’ve gotten through the meat of my Ghana travel book for the areas I’ll be visiting… time to start on the Copenhagen one.


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