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Recovering well and heading to Philly

The food poisoning episode pretty much consumed my week. Had to cancel plans I was looking forward to and wave the “I’m sick” flag on projects I’m working on. Huge thanks to everyone who has been so understanding, it’s been very nice to watch others be able to pick up the slack.

On Monday I was still limping along exhaustion-wise, but back to work and finally able to start eating solid foods again and on Tuesday my appetite was pretty much back as we went to a diner and I got a nice plate of breakfast for dinner, complete with eggs and pancakes. I’ll continue to avoid foods that are hard on my stomach for now as I’m not quite back to 100% yet, but a doctor visit this evening gave me confidence that everything is pointing in the right direction.

One of the things I couldn’t put off while recovering was preparing for a trip to Philadelphia that we’re leaving for on Saturday. We have appointments to do the tasting with the venue representative and caterer and a separate appointment for the cake tasting. We’ll also be meeting with a florist and a DJ, so hopefully we can get those details nailed down for the wedding during this trip.

We hope to have a bit of down time to get some other things done that have been neglected on our other whirlwind Philly trips lately and to visit with some friends. I’m happy to say we’ll be going to PLUG on Wednesday where I’ll be doing a photos + Q&A style presentation on the Ghana trip. There are a lot of tech groups here in SF, but PLUG will always hold a special place for me and there are a lot of people who attend that I’ll be very happy to see.


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