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All 100 Edubuntu computers in Ghana have been deployed!

Back in October I spent 2 weeks in Ghana helping a team begin a deployment of 100 desktops shipped to Africa ICT Right in Ghana by Computer Reach based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately due to a series of unforeseen events, we weren’t able to see the deployment of all 100 systems to completion. While we were able to do a lot of useful work, when the last of the Computer Reach team left only 10 had actually been fully deployed. I summarized our trip here. In November I wrote this update which described the pickup of the systems for other regions, and the deployment of another 10 systems to Madina No.1 School.

I’m happy to report that since then they were able to get the other 80 systems deployed!

50 of these remaining systems went to schools in the Gomoa East District:

12 to Akotsi Zion Basic School

Teacher training at Akotsi Zion Basic School

12 to Ekwamkrom Methodist Junior High School

Students on their computers at Ekwamkrom Methodist JHS

26 to Aboso -Benso District Assembly Junior High School

Teacher training at Aboso -Benso D/A JHS

Press releases about these deployments:

Finally, the Africa ICT Right team headed north to the West Gonja District to deploy the remaining 30 systems to Drive Aid Ghana.

One of the labs set up for Drive Aid Ghana

Press release about this deployment: Africa ICT Right (AIR) Intensifies Computer Education In Damongo

A quick calculation shows that for this deployment of 100 computers, over 1500 students will be given the opportunity to work on these systems by having them in their schools. Over 80 teachers and volunteers throughout these regions have also been trained the basics of Ubuntu and on the educational software software being shipped with these Edubuntu systems. It was quite an honor to be invited on this adventure that has come to such a successful completion, I hope I can do more in the future to help these organizations continue to support these deployments and more.

Time for me to go update the Edubuntu Deployments page.


  • Matthew Helmke

    This is so cool! I love that you are involved in this project. Thanks for the update(s)!!

  • Dave Sevick


    Thanks for all the professional help in developing the Ubuntu administrators guide while we were in Ghana. You were great!

    Now simple navigation of the Edubuntu systems we all deployed (all 100 computers) is a documented reality.

    Dave Sevick
    Executive Director
    Computer Reach
    Pittsburgh, PA