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Ghana presentation at BALUG, DVLUG interview, Mini 9 and off to SCaLE11x!

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of heading out to Chinatown for a Bay Area Linux Users Group to give a presentation on the work I did in Ghana with Computer Reach and Africa ICT Right. This was the first formal presentation I’ve done on the adventure, my previous two talks being a lightning talk at UDS and a more informal style Q&A talk at the Philadelphia Linux Users Group meeting back in January.

Unfortunately for my audience, I came down with round 2 of my Epic Cold of 2013 on Monday night. I ended up skipping dinner with the BALUG crowd and just doing the presentation in an effort to not spread my plague. I arrived around 7:45 to get set up.


The talk went well, aside from the sniffles, and as with all these talks I’ve had some great conversations following it both at the meeting and via the mailing list afterwards.

This morning I learned that my interview for Diablo Valley Linux Users Group‘s podcast had been published. I primarily talked about my work with Ubuntu Women and similar projects. More info and download available here: Share The Bytes: Episode 10 – Women of Ubuntu

Finally, I made some improvements to my little Dell Mini9. I’ve been thinking over this past year or so that I’d be replacing it with something “any day now” but I really do love netbooks and am quite saddened that the market for them has dwindled so significantly. I do like my work-issued ultrabook for the sleek design and weight, but it doesn’t fit in my purse, which is one of my hard requirements. So I ended up buying 2 gigs of RAM to replace the 1G chip, and a new battery to replace the lousy “high capacity” one I bought last year (aside from being huge and heavy, it never was very high capacity and it took hours to charge).

I’m now sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. I’ll be attending the Southern California Linux Expo 11x and presenting tomorrow at Ubucon on Ubuntu in the Cloud. Very much looking forward to it, and hoping this cold I’m continuing to battle doesn’t make too much of a mess of my trip!