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Nexus 10, various meetings and life things

I’ve had a very catch-up couple of weeks. MJ had a friend in town last week, so most nights they were out leaving me to my own devices. And devices are what I had! Last Wednesday I received my Nexus 10.

This is my first tablet (welcome to 2012!). Aside from the expense, my reluctance to buy one has largely been because I couldn’t figure out a use for it. My Mini9 is roughly the same size and is more useful, I can watch Netflix on my Chromebook, what use is a tablet? I bought the Nexus 10 in a moment of “ooh new shiiiiny” weakness and still wasn’t sure what I’d do with it. I also got this Blurex Ultra Slim Case for Google Nexus 10 inch Tablet — With built in Multi-Angle Stand for it.

So, what have I used it for? It’s an amazing email reader. No joke. I get a lot of email from a lot of mailing lists and I have a tough time keeping up. Once I had the tablet I realized that on a normal computer I am far too distracted by everything else to focus on catching up on lists, so I don’t, and my time away from my computer is spent reading paper magazines or on my Nook so my attention is very focused. So this new tablet is a very expensive solution to my lack of discipline. It’s also super nice to be able to curl up on the couch with my email (easier than with a laptop).

Last Saturday I ended up having lunch near Ferry Building where I was able to… tether my tablet through my phone to check email as I enjoyed lunch!

View of of Ferry Building at lunch

A podcast I was interviewed for was released last week, Ubuntu UK Podcast: S06E02 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ubuntu. They brought me on to talk about Xubuntu and it was a fun interview to participate in, they’re great hosts.

I managed to get in some social time last week too, meeting up with a friend for lunch, a trio of friends/colleagues for coffee one afternoon and another for a burrito-riffic evening in the Mission. I really should go out with people more often, I spend far too much time alone working and with MJ working more I’m noticing loneliness creep in more than it has in the past.

But MJ and I have made time this week to work on honeymoon plans! We got our flights booked on Sunday, going from San Francisco to Philly for the wedding, and then directly to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico for our honeymoon. Our schedule has us in a mix of resort and Mayan ruin exploring, I’m super excited.

I also met up with some folks at the Noisebridge hackerspace on Monday about some plans they have for an electronics recycling initiative here in the city. The groups Partimus currently works with to handle computer recycling and parts are both outside of the city, so it may be useful to have something local. I spent the rest of Monday evening testing the Xubuntu Beta1 ISO, which was released today. I’ve been quite remiss on ISO testing this cycle, which I’m hoping to start making up for by being more active in the coming weeks and running the 13.04 development version on my personal laptop now until release.

On Wednesday it was the monthly San Francisco Ubuntu Hour!

And I didn’t host this month, but we had someone else call a Debian Dinner, over near 25th and Mission, so most of the Ubuntu Hour attendees came over to enjoy some Middle Eastern dinner at Old Jerusalem Restaurant. Enjoy we did, the food was excellent!

This weekend I hope to nail down some more wedding stuff. I have a whole list of things that came up during our last call with the coordinator at the venue. Thankfully the honeymoon is almost completely booked. Also hoping to finally sort out my sleep schedule. It’s almost 1AM again. I do not enjoy DST time changes.


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