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Simcoe’s March Checkup

On March 2nd I brought Simcoe in for her quarterly checkup, the last was on November 24th (I wrote about it here).

My only concern bringing her in was increased agitation on her part lately (mostly meowing and wanting attention more than usual). I am pretty confident that can be written off to me traveling lately though, she sometimes really gets bent out of shape when I do.

Simcoe does not enjoy these visits

Fortunately her physical exam went well and then she was sent off to the back for blood work. For the first time since she was diagnosed with renal failure and we began treatment she hadn’t put on any weight, instead dropping slightly to 9.58lbs (down from 9.68), but it wasn’t enough to cause worry as she’s still within a healthy range for her breed and body size.

On Tuesday we got the rest of the blood results, including the important levels:

BUN 46 (normal range: 14-36)
CRE 2.8 (normal range: .6-2.4)

BUN is up slightly from 44, but that’s not significant (it can vary some day to day), and CRE is down slightly from 3.0, which is good.

I was happy to learn that since things have been so steady, the vet thinks we can wait 6 months before another checkup unless we have any specific concerns, hooray!