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Ubuntu at SCaLE11x

This year marked the 3rd Southern California Linux Expo I’ve attended, and once again it didn’t disappoint. The first year I gave a talk at the Ubucon and helped with the booth over the weekend, last year I gave a talk at Ubucon, one at the conference itself and then ran the Ubuntu booth, an exhausting combination that I swore I wouldn’t repeat. This year I scaled back to just a talk at Ubucon and providing some of the materials for the Ubuntu booth.

Ubucon this year was run by Richard Gaskin of Fourth World Systems. I was contacted a couple months ago and signed up to do an Ubuntu in the Cloud talk (slides here) where I covered some of the options for running Ubuntu “in the cloud” and introduced folks to DevStack as an easy mechanism for trying out and beginning to learn about OpenStack. Unfortunately I was struggling my way through a nasty cold all weekend so it wasn’t the optimal situation for giving a talk, but the audience was great.

Due to my cold, I ended up just camping out at Ubucon all day instead of exploring other tracks and was witness to a full day of standing room only sessions. Talks included David Rodriguez on using Ubuntu in an continuous integration enterprise environment, Aviv Meraro on hardware compatibility, Philip Ballew on finding help in Ubuntu and Richard Gaskin talking about the soon to be open sourced Live Code language and development environment. The day wrapped up with a presentation by Jono Bacon of the Ubuntu Phone.

Friday night a few of us headed down to the expo hall to begin setting up the Ubuntu booth, after which I grabbed some take-out from the hotel deli and headed up to my room to get some rest.

Saturday was the first full day of the expo hall and SCaLE proper talks. I’m really happy with how the booth came out this year, and System76 was kind enough to offer some systems for us to run as demo machines. The Ubuntu logo + California candy dishes got a number of laughs, kudos to Eric P. Scott for his cleverness there.

The team also lucked out in having Nathan Haines join the booth volunteers, along with his phone running Ubuntu! It was a great opportunity for visitors to the booth to finally get hands on with the phone, that’s also how I had my chance.

In all, a great weekend for Ubuntu at SCaLE! Huge thanks to all the booth volunteers who kept things staffed all weekend.

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