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You can help the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter!

Back in January, the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter celebrated the 300th Issue! While an exceptional milestone for the team, we’re forever conscious that we have a very small volunteer staff to keep it running, and we always need more volunteers to help us out.

What do we need help with?

Summary writers. Summary writers receive an email every Saturday (sometimes Sunday if we’re running late) with a link to the collaborative news links document for the past week which lists everything that needs summarizing. These people are vitally important to the newsletter. The time commitment is limited and it is easy to get started with from the first weekend you volunteer. No need to be shy about your writing skills, all summaries are reviewed before publishing so it’s easy to improve as you go on. We also provide Style Guidelines to help you out (and you can always look at past issues!).

Note: You may have noticed in the past couple of issues that we bullet-pointed the list of articles in a few sections where we usually had summaries – this is due to lack of summary writers!

Editors. Our editors receive an email every Sunday (or Monday morning, depending on our timing and your time zone) with a link to the wiki page ready to be reviewed. Editors check for grammar, spelling, formatting and other consistency issues. Good written English skills, attention to detail and willingness to adhere to our style guidelines required.

Interested in either of these? Email editor.ubuntu.news@ubuntu.com and we’ll get you added to the list of folks who are emailed each week and you can help as you have time. Please specify whether you are interested in summary writing or editing when you contact us. You can always be removed from the list of people contacted each week, just ask :)

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